Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Magic using boxes

I have a method on my website called protection box plans. It is handy and useful if the person does not want to be doing lengthy protection spells. A client of mine asked me to help her by developing a method that took less time.

I had a wish box method I developed and felt that this would work. It has been a big help to her. I now want to do one to draw your soul mate to people or the persons true love. I then plan a transmutation box and abundance box rolled into one. Most people who have problems attracting money and using the laws of attraction could then be helped.

People who have problems with their money space can never seem to get money or keep it in their pocket. I feel that the transmutation of this effect plus attracting money should be a big help to many people. I plan to do a webinar on it once I get signed up for the service so this month will be a busy month for me.

I hope to see results soon. I also have the first reference up from a person using the protection box so I hope everyone reads it. I am trying to get a bunch done this month and hope to see many helpful results in others lives.

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