Sunday, November 23, 2008


Talking and enjoying ourselves is important. Expressing ourselves clearly and sharing ideas is fun. Yet many people with spiritual problems have problems with expressing themselves. Nothing comes through clearly and it often seems the computer or some other piece of technology seems to cause these problems.

I can always tell when someone or something is working at trying to cause me troubles. I get in arguments, people perceive me incorrectly and I am supposed to be abused according to the people who are problem people. I know that is not my lot in life and can do something about it.

The people with problems have their perceptions altered by outside forces. Let me give an example I have problems while doing a case of someone with demon problems. The last place I need to be is where the energies allow the evil to work through others.

People who have problems with evil attacking them always find that their main support of being able to socialize is being affected. People go off at them like popcorn in fire for no reason except for existing and being where they can be yelled at by the people.

I am always amazed at how many people in this world evil can work through and how few people bring out the divine with in themselves.

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