Monday, November 10, 2008

People like the Case Histories

I have received compliments about the case histories so I will keep writing them up. I feel they help people to understand more about what I do. Other than that the only thing they have to go by is what they see in the movies.

I had one thing really cheer me up. I was able to visit some people that I had helped a year ago. The child I helped is doing well and not having as many problems with school. I think knowing that you made a long term difference in someones life is the best thing that can happen to a person who does the hard work I do.

Exorcisms can change a persons life for the better and it is so nice to be validated by the results. I have had this happy many times over 37 years. I believe God or the Divine gives everyone a way to bring the divine sparks into this world. I am sure this is how I am supposed to do this by helping others who have lost their connections to the divine.

It is not easy work, and not something that is usual. Yet knowing that I helped is a priceless gift.

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