Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Angels- They have angels for everything

I am traveling at the moment and I finally got caught up on my reading. I had a kind friend send me a book she thought I would find interesting. It is "A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson. He did a very through job of collecting names in documents and includes the fallen angels also.

I have been reading in the dictionary and did not see any angels of plumbing or elections but I am sure that they are out there but not named yet. It does make it so anyone reading these books realizes how much help the divine tries to make available for us.

Mankind believes we can understand and perceive anything. We structure our beliefs and make them work. Yet if we look how wonderful the world of creation is with a structure for help and a network to make it so we are supported in our lives it is amazing.

Yet no one can structure what the divine really is and how it works. The gray matter of our brains just can not wrap around the whole concept. It is why there are so many views of what the divine is yet all we are seeing is the parts that we can understand. What wonder we have in this world and in life.

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