Friday, November 14, 2008

What are Blockages?

I had someone ask me this question today. I had to realize that everyone uses phrases like blockages and words specific to energy work. Yet very few people explain them. Blockages are formed around moments in a persons life where a trauma, abuse or just a painful experience causes a form of thought.

I will give an example. I know of a person who was abused as a child. The Mother was a narcissist BPD type. She constantly reminded her daughter that she would never be a success and that she would never be lucky. The Mother wanted to be in control and tell her daughter what to do.

The daughter had problems from that moment onward believing she was a success. She had great moments in her life but never felt worthy or successful. She had never heard that she did anything right or good so focused on everything that was not perfect instead of accepting she had accomplished a great deal. She struggled for most of her life having her Mother control her space instead of controling it herself. That is a blockage.

It is normally self-inflicted by repetitive statements made to a person so they react and never accept the good that could come to them with out feeling that way about themselves. Many times negative magic will work the same way.

It creates a blockage that is built up against the good energies or transforms them to bad energies. Magic works with the flow of life and the path of least resistance. So it will hook to these moments in a persons life and make them worse. No one is perfect so the curse makes it worse but that moment is there in the first place.

So people who can never accept love, their own self-worth or many other things about themselves create blockages. The main cure is to work upon yourself and be able to like yourself. If you like yourself and your choices then you can look back upon everything you have done and not regret it. You may feel you could do things better but no one is perfect and you have to hit a balance with your emotions.

People who can not do this have blockages and should try different methods of working upon themselves until they break the patterns of thought that cause them such sorrow and grief.

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