Monday, March 9, 2009

New Shielding Methods and Thoughts

I have added two types of shielding methods to my website. I have a pagan shielding method, and some angelic shielding methods. I hope they inspire people to see how a simple shielding and filtering method will make their day work better. Check it out at

I was editing the profile on this page. I had a few thoughts that I would like to share with everyone. I am an Interfaith Minister. It means I accept all faiths, and try to include the people who are not of any religion that need help. I was raised Christian and most of my clients are Christian. Yet that does not mean any religious method is better than another.

I like to use Angels because I understand that shielding method and enjoy it. I also like the Pagan Gods and Goddesses because I understand how complex the divine is and how it can seem like millions of parts.

Yet the main thing I have noticed in magic is forces that can be correlated to different aspects. the tree of life is common in many different ways. Judaism, and the Norse had a tree of life in their religions. I believe Hermetics is more of an interfaith magic when done properly. I mean by this that it takes into consideration every way a religion, force, God, Goddess, Buddha, Prophet or any other aspect that can be used with magic where it fits, and works.

I believe that what makes the divine work in a person's life is their actions and choices. We lose our path many times and it seems like there is no hope. Illness can occur to people to make their choices and actions different. They have to think of what they have done in their lives.

I can name examples and have heard them called lessons. Yet many times it is our own choices that set these forces into motion. We bring the actions of our choices into our lives. Demons, and other negative forces try to make us lose what we are striving for and muddy our thinking. It is an adversarial condition where we have the choice to rise above it and show we are truly of the divine or be overcome by the problems and lose our true selves. I see this in the delusions, and illusions of our world, and the lack of clairity and truth in our lives.

Living in truth is the most important thing we can do. It means that if we have a strange experience and share it. It is not for others validation but to share a experience that can make others think. If we have a choice of doing something easy and wrong or doing it right and with positive intentions. We should pick the harder way of doing it right and be positive in our good intentions. The reason for this is doing something right is never easy.

All you have to do is read the news and you can see delusions. People objecting to stopping weapons being smuggled into Gaza. They are still bombing the Israelis so what delusion is this when the prophet says to harm one innocent person is like killing all mankind. How is bombing others first defending yourself?

The Israeli Defense forces video film people being held captive and a huge gun shooting rounds at a UN school. Yet no news program shows it and you tube wants to remove a moment of truth in the films being shown. Denying the truth when it is put before you.

Someone walks into a church and kills a minister. He then has the gun jam and tries to stab the church members. They were not bothering him as he had to go into the church to look for them.Yet this person feels he has a right to hurt others because of their religion or being religious.

Bernie Madoff not being put in prison and all of his and his wives funds from certain dates confiscated. What message does this give our country when a poor person can be put in jail for stealing food for his family? Charities invested with him and our world will be a poorer and harder place to live with out the charities helping those with problems. All of the people who invested with him made choices. He was to good to be true so all of their advisors should have realized this fact.

So this is a world of delusion, and programming. It is up to us to overcome all of the delusion and live in truth to make our decisions to change this world. The way to do this is to start in our own lives and work upon ourselves. It is not judging others but judging and challenging ourselves to be the best human beings we can be.

It is the way to fully understand the divine, and the beauty and joy in our lives. We bring it alive a brilliant divine spark at a time.

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