Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do no Harm

I always try to help people but there are certain points where you have to stop because the issues are not energetic but emotional. People try to blame everything on demon obsession or possession when they have these problems. Yet the problem clients are the ones who benefit from aspects of being cursed, obsessed or possessed. I can hear the boos and hisses out there right now. How can I say that as it is something that should leave with the demon. I always hear the problem clients saying it is something wrong with you. You did not do things right, or it is something that you did wrong.

Countless times it has been mentioned in books and by others who deal with these problems that the victims have to work on themselves. Yet the victims always feel that the worse problems can be removed immediately. If that were true I could make a fortune from people who are just regular people with no problems.

Imagine having the power of God. You can wave a wand and remove the emotions attached to those traumatic incidents in the past, you can remove that unfair spanking the person received at age 5, or make it so everyone who abused them got caught. It would be nice but this is not real life. A client who does not live in truth is a nightmare.

The only way negativity can get at a person is if the person has had trauma, emotional problems, ups and downs or a major occurrence that caused them to have a fragmentation of their core beliefs, and emotions. I do not know a single person who has not had some sort of trauma that would not like someone to have a way to remove all of it so they could feel good.

Yet the only person who can do this is the person themselves. It takes living in reality and dealing with it. The person realizes that they never have to go through the problems again. They heal and try to live a life that they want to live and enjoy. It does not mean their giving up work but their living their life fully after and during the work hours.

Clients who do not live in reality benefit from obsession and possession in a couple of ways. They have an excuse or something to blame every time they have a failure. They have a reason to not get out and work or interact with others. Anyone who asks them to do something they do not want to do is influenced by the demon.

They get attention, and can cause high drama upsetting everyone in their lives. The person becomes cured and has to deal with people. They do not know how to interact with others so find out the world is a rough place to experience. The clients who are trying to heal and work on themselves find integrating into reality relatively easy. They want to live a life where they can work and enjoy it. They are so happy nothing is around and cautiously return to a normal life. They accept the difficulties and listen to advice. They learn to empower and help themselves.

The ones who benefit always hit a breaking point. It means they realize they can not function the way they have been doing. Everyone starts to expect them to work or help with bills. They are treated like a normal person and instead of doing good things so they receive attention all they can think of is that the demon is doing this to them.

Evil is as strong as the energies you put into it. It means that the person who has problems will try to make others see it the same way. Clients like this have certain patterns of behavior and I try to help them come back to reality. Yet some of them will not do so.

The problem clients do not want to give up their cozy fantasies. It means that they call the demon back many times just to get their life back to including it. They do this by allowing it to be in the fantasies, giving the energies power by blaming everything on it, and then being positive nothing is gone because their life is a mess.

I have had a drastic example of this recently. The client was doing very well. Yet she was determined that people were treating her badly for no reason. I said she had to give up her fantasy of what the world was and learn to live in reality everyone else does that can function in this world.

I had to hear how her fantasies were her comfort. What a surprise that they started at the same time her problems with what she called a demon first appeared. I removed the demon numerous times but in her words the evil always was flying around her. Evil is not a demon so if you can see emotions and negative energies you should learn to shield and I have articles for this.

The next thing I knew she pulled every manipulative, button pushing trick to try to get her own way, and then tried to get me angry. I watched for one week as she did this figuring once she cooled off from her emotional and mental breakdown I could help. She then blew it by not knowing what reality was, projecting her past problems with people upon me, and endlessly writing messages that made no sense and blamed me for everything.

The last straw was mentioning thoughts of suicide, and then how she cried when I told her to go to a psychiatrist to get mental help. The question always is am I doing harm working on the person. I can not see where working upon someone who obviously had a mental break with reality when it is all past trauma and emotion will help them. If it was the demon it would be different but it was all about the persons past and she needed medication.

I may be able to help after she gets medication but she also needs someone to work on her medically. Yet she always treated everyone who was not doing exactly like she said horribly. I experienced it through the emails. I know if I was a doctor I would not put up with her for a minute after she started blaming me for every doctor in existence who did not do things the exact way she thought it was done.

Yet to her it was always others evil and demons. Yet she never could live in reality long enough to look at herself. I told her to read her own messages and think how she would feel to have someone writing messages like that to her. She was incapable of putting herself in the other persons mental place to show compassion or judge herself.

Responsibility, truth, and reality should be the keywords for anyone healing from a problem. They should have to learn to see how their actions affect others. I do that with myself nonstop each day. It is the only way to be a real person.

If you have to manipulate, button push, blame someone for another mistakes. It means you are looking for an excuse not to be cured or change. The person will be causing everyone who loves them nightmares for the rest of their life.

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