Sunday, March 1, 2009

Healing involves Self-destruction and Rebuilding the Basic Self

I always seem to have things blocked when I try to explain this concept to others. Psychic attack can mean spirit attack or possession. It is a spiritual illness which involves a number of elements. Any psychic attack involves forcing a person into a position where they delude themselves. They make wrong choices and react. It is impossible to predict and the people start repressing and ignoring things.

Victims of abuse do the same thing. I have been abused in my life in many ways. Yet I always dealt with it and the only time I repressed it an attack forced me to have to deal with it. Magic and working with divine sources will do that to you. You are working to perfect yourself on your path. No path is easy and if it is easy you are probably going the wrong direction.

The reason for this is the person has to learn. They have to quit sabotaging themselves. Once you are under psychic attack it is even more crucial to have to live in truth. A harmless thing like visualizing the perfect person for you can turn into a form of self sabotage. Guilt or knowing that you acted poorly to another will have them haunting your dreams.

People always want to say that person is trying to get me. Yet many times the victim is reconnecting because they have not released the emotions, and energies. They have not forgiven the person. Any one who is trying to harm another hopes for that moment of reconnection. It happens when a person is afraid, wants revenge, is angry, and any other sort of strong emotion in many instances when there is the connection left from life problems. It makes it easy to attack and harm the other person. It is why it has to be resolved and removed.

A healer who is working on a patient can be attacked by the patient with out them realizing it. I have found that many of the people I help try to project others upon them. I try to say if someone is reconnecting it is a time of forgiveness to release the energies.

I have to hear how they do not have emotions. I then say they would not be appearing in dreams. They then try to get a conversation going so they can take one point and say you are contradicting yourself. It then goes down to I am pissed off at you if the other methods do not work I am helpless and have no control.

I can not count the times this has happened. The divine is the only one that can heal those energies with in a person and the person themselves. The healer can work on outside energies and letting those energies loose to where the person can deal with them. Yet a person who does not want to remove or change a habit will always try to cause it to be beyond their control or some other excuse.

The reason for this is that they do not want to get rid of the habit or they benefit in some way from the problem. People who are cursed have something to blame for their mistakes and not wanting to do things instead of saying no. People who do not want to forgive others will always say they do not have anything to forgive. People who want to argue instead of just doing it and seeing if they tackled an emotional issue from a different area of thought to fix the problem do not want to be rid of the problem.

It is normally the last step before their being healed and it is the roughest one for that reason. We may like the habit that the energies are using or feel we like it. The main thing to remember is if negative energies can hook to it then it is not a good habit.

The habits have to be destroyed otherwise it is like building a foundation on mud and water. You will have an uneven house if you do not build on solid ground. Building on bad habits leave us with an unbalanced self image and self esteem. It will destroy us no matter how harmless the habit seems when the person is under psychic attack. You have to destroy parts to bring the self together at times because you have to rebuild yourself to live in another way. The parts to be destroyed are always habits, thought patterns, and reactions that cause problems and that negativity can attach to and use against the person. Truth is the only way and if it involves a habit where fooling ourselves is involved it is definitely the only remedy. Yet most people love to ask questions to try to make the healer or someone else do the work. They do not want to hear what the healer sees if it involves them doing the work.

Life is a challenge and experience. It can be enjoyed and loved. It also can be a challenge to do what is necessary for the path we picked in our life. Either way it always involves building, learning, challenges, and experiences. It is up to us how we deal with them and no one else can deal with them for us. They can only help along the way.

Destroying the illusions and mind games that we use to block and trap ourselves. Rebuilding our divine spark and connections to the divine, and living in truth are the only remedies for the problems of psychic attack. People have made the wrong choices for years and have a shaky foundation. It is like rebuilding your home.

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