Thursday, March 26, 2009

Focal points

Focal points are the energetic spot where negative energy can enter into the energies of a house, person, or place. Focal points are formed by release of energies that can be used by negativity. A person dying in a house gives off energies that can attract negativity even if they do not become an earth bound spirit. The reason for this is the pain or the spirit leaving weakens the veil of energies that keep spirits separate from that place.

Homes can be built upon places where battles were fought or others died. The people in the house will notice the difference if the spirits do not want them there. The house will have discord, accidents, and negative events continue to happen. The reason for this is the deaths or energies of the land become a focal point where evil can appear easily.

Magic in many cultures is about focal points. All magic has to have a focus or place to send energies both good and bad. You want to win the lottery so you try to focus on the numbers that you picked lighting up and being the ones that show up for the Grand jackpot.

Negativity using focal points form the problems energies of many peoples lives. Psychic vampires or energy vampires focus on the victim and extrude what looks almost like tentacles in the knots or dark spots of traumas in the victims aura. The reason for this is the knots or dark spots are the places where the traumas are stored.

A person who tries to project their energies upon others will actually overlay the energies of one person with another. They then send all of the emotions that they want to believe the person is doing upon the poor victim. Once the victim has the bad energies the person projecting the images takes the good for themselves and blames the victim for doing something they never did in their life.

It means if you feel that someone or something is focusing on you a house cleansing and house blessing is good to do. The blessing helps bring alive the divine sparks and have the divine focus upon you. If you notice a person doing it then get rid of all gifts from that person, and all links to that person. My new book will have a link breaking wheel to do this easily.

I have quite a few ways to make it so that the person can not focus upon the victim to free them of the harm others can do. Spirits have to be kept out and removed. The easiest way to do this is to bring in the divine energies by prayer, music, beauty, and happiness. Negativity can not exist where these energies exist.

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