Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel. Yet so many people I work upon can not seem to find their guardian angel anywhere around them. I have always wondered how could a guardian angel be blocked. I could see some poor angel mugged, gagged and tied up lying in a spiritual alleyway trying to wriggle out of their ropes to get help.

Yet why would a guardian angel leave? The only way this would happen would be if the person they were assigned to said they did not want them around anymore. Angels have to honor our choices and free will.

So what if you have a big hairy nasty spirit in control of your third eye, and crown chakras and running the show. Does the angel know the difference or does it honor your order even if it is some other spirit talking through you telling the angel to leave? I feel this is the major problem. People who are under attack get angry. They say stupid things to the divine and anything that could help them many times because they can not see the angels are there trying to help.

Our choices, and efforts in our life lead to our experiences and lessons. If we are experiencing a rough time and instead of having faith that there is a reason for this and things will get better. We yell at the divine then we are cutting ourselves off.

Yelling in despair, asking for forgiveness, asking what we can do to make things better with first asking for help does not seem to have the repercussions of some of the stupid things I have heard people say to the divine. Some quotes are-"If you won't help me what good are you?", "Why do you hate me so much?", are just two of them.

No matter who we worship they are the spiritual parents, and teachers in our lives. They watch us and want the best for us. Yet there are times they make it so we have to learn what not to do. It is why we experience things in this world. We are given choices and our choices decide what sort of person we are and how we live our life.

I would never go up to my Mom and say if you won't help me what good are you? I am an adult and will do my best to help myself. I have had my Mother deny her help and many other things at all times. Yet I have been taught it was a sin not to respect my parents for what they have done correct and right. No one does everything wrong.

The divine is the same way and even made a commandment about how to treat parents in most major religions. So I believe many people should think about how they are talking to God. If you complain about praying more often when you are having problems then you negate the good energies that you are trying to accumulate.

If you have an attitude towards the divine it will get you nowhere. Just like an attitude with your parents will be your downfall in any family matters. Think of how you feel and if you can not put love, caring, faith and belief into your prayers no matter who you worship then you will get nowhere when it comes to getting help.

You have to ask for help and feel it with your body, mind and soul. The divine and the Guardian angels are like hurt family members that you have yelled at and treated shabbily. You have to make sure they know they you really mean it.You need them and will never treat them badly again.

I believe in the Hermetic magic Principle of duality. There is always an opposite to what you experience. Many people talk about walk-ins and divine spirits. There are also demonic walk-ins and demonic spirits. It means you attract what you put out and if you do not want the divine the opposite forces are there ready to take over your life. It comes about through your choices and actions.

The person themselves is the decision maker about what they are about and what they do. The person can be in the most oppressive circumstances possible yet if they have belief in the divine and try their best to be a real person living in truth it will work out OK. Most victims do not know how to live in truth or be a real person. They only think of how they feel and are incapable of putting themselves in someone elses place. It is the only way to judge how we have treated others. If you had someone say to you what you have been saying to the divine or the other people in your life. How would you act to that person?

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