Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blockages and obstacles-ego, control, and expectations

I am at the end of this list even though I could do a few more. Yet the above three obstacles in our lives cause most of the problems. Ego is a real dream killer. The reason for this is the person with the big ego will walk blindly along leaving emotional wreckage in very step they take. People who have problems with their egos always have problem with control and expectations.

If you look at what makes up a person full of themselves it is always judging others as inferior so they can say I am special or better than the other person. Whole societies do this that have caste systems. It does not mean a poor person or a person from a lesser social status might be smarter or more inventive. What matters is they can put them down as less than what they are.

Yet that person who is always judging and putting others down really feels inferior to everyone. I have seen people who are so special and they are the nicest people who make everyone feel comfortable. Look at yourself and see if you have the danger signs. If you have to say you are special or better than others you should work upon yourself. The reason for this is that if you are better and special others know it and you do not have to say a word.

People who have to micromanage everyone and be in control in all areas of their life are really afraid and fearful. The person with ego is always having to convince himself that he or she is better than everyone else. The person with expectations brings all of this together in a cruel way that is not as obvious. They are always the people making fun of others but they can not take what they do to others.

To set your expectations on anything means that you know you can do what your goal. It is the sign of good business people and successful people. Yet most of those people do not experience success every time. It takes trial and error to manifest the good. If you experience the first set back and blame everyone else most of the time it is all about you. The triple combination of having to be right and superior, control every thing and have everything including the flowers on the table to fulfill your expectations is a deadly combination.

You are not living in reality or truth. You do not dedicate yourself to the hard work just the good feeling of being in charge. Everyone likes to be in control at certain moments. I have had people I told that they needed to let the magic manifest and concentrate on bringing it into existence by doing their work on the physical plane. They were not in control and it scared them.

The expectations that they had were for everything to manifest and be easy for them. People do not realize how magic works and how psychics work. Magic works through the way of the least resistance. It is like a water leak as it is difficult to find and works it way into everything. So it does not manifest in big ways. If it does manifest in a big way then the resistance against what you are doing has to be over come. Magic manifests by persistence and some times a great deal of time and effort.

No one knows how long it takes to heal because it happens in layers and there is no control over where it leads the person to remove the layers. Ego can happen to the healer as much as to the client. No healer can heal everything. Psychics may be good at some things but no one is perfect at every thing. I always state when I try something new that it is new to me and I do not know how things will work. I am a magician plus being a psychic so again I get results but dare not to develop a big ego over it. Anyone who does the work I do has to consider the divine doing it and have compassion or the work does not get done.

So the person with control problems and expectations with a problem about needing to feel superior creates the most blockages of all. Think about it if you develop a big ego and think you are special there is always someone out there to rub your nose in how special they are. If you try to be in control there will always be a certain level of chaos because no one can be in total control. If you have expectations the world never works that way.

The reasons for this is the divine has a sense of humor and also a real talent for challenges. We are meant to overcome the obstacles and problems we have set for ourselves in our life. I may sound rough on people at times but it is the time of every one thinking positive and good things happen. We were thinking positive when the world economy crashed. Thinking positive does not work when a part of us refuses to believe it and does all of the actions that create causes and effects.

The only way to cure these problems is to practice knowing ourselves and living in truth in our lives instead of how we want our lives to be. Yet it also has to be realize that people say things like what we want removed means we draw more of it. It is not true as you can problem solve and then fill where the negative energies were with love and kindness.

Duality is a condition of living on this earth.

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