Sunday, June 6, 2010

obstacles and blockages-accepting abuse and blame

The next blockage is one that is near and dear to my heart. It is one of the bad habits I have to overcome in this life. I work for others healing them of their spiritual problems. I see them at the worse times in their lives. I understand this fact even if they do not realize it. I do my best to ignore things that might cause the healing not to work properly. I feel I should not have to argue with clients as it ruins my attitude for healing. Healing works best in an atmosphere of kindness, love and caring. I never encounter people that are able to do this while having problems.

The problem with this is some people are just abusive to others. It may not matter to me what they say because I know it is not true or right. Yet by allowing them to talk to me in an improper fashion I block the healing and they do not learn about their actions. I do this work out of compassion and feel for them. I am willing to ignore it and let it go.

Yet because I show kindness the next thing they try to do is blame me. Most people that have to abuse others do not have the courage to accept blame or responsibility. So by being kind to them I am really crippling them in their behavior. Most adults that act this way will not learn but they will find new victims. They will ignore you correcting them when it is a major problem. Any person that is abusive is their own worse enemy. Everyone will treat them badly and finally the resentment will build up until they do something to hurt the person.

I had one client for years that would abuse me then say she did not mean it that way. I finally got sick and tired of it. I was the healer and she was the person trying to micromange everything, blame everything but her, and then abuse the person helping because things were not happening the way she thought they would happen. I was not helping her by trying to work with her. I was causing her to have more problems because of her actions.

The healing would not work because by abusing me she felt she was in control and would not do the methods. The client felt since she was managing things the healing would go the way she expected it to go no matter what I told her. It did not go her way so it did not work. All people do who have to do this to others is work themselves into the situation where they have all of the problems happen to them because they refuse to look at themselves. They always feel they are superior and life keeps trying to show them they are imperfect and human. So I was wasting my time when I tried to give her a chance to do better.

So what happens when you have a lifetime of others teaching you to accept blame that is not yours because they do not want to accept responsibility. That use you as a scapegoat for their cruelty even when you have to ask what you were supposed to have done? You get a certain energetic reaction that causes you to just accept the abuse and blame and just work for a successful conclusion. Surely when every one sees that you were successful they will show appreciation and kindness.

It does not work that way and since I have traveled I have found places where millions of people accept the abuse of a few just to try to make things work in their lives. They have to feed their families so they accept the abuse. They have to work to make their life work so they accept the blame even when they know they did not do anything wrong. They try not to get into arguments and every explanation they make is called an excuse.

The secret to this is to not care and most people who accept abuse and blame do care. They want to be seen as someone who does a good job. They want to show they are worthy of praise and appreciation. The problem is that abusive people always accuse others of cruelty. They lie about anyone that makes them feel inferior, or just have problems with everyone.

They always complain to others about everyone else being abusive. They blame others in a mirror of their own actions. Standing up to them works for a while but the main thing is to work for someone who is not like this. If you are stuck in a job with abusive people or a family of abusive people it is a nightmare.

The main thing is to realize that you did not do the thing that you are being blamed for or abused over. State you did not do it and when explanations are asked for state I did not do it so do not know why anything is done. If they continue every one has their own choice of dealing with this problem. The main thing is to realize it is all about them and their feelings not you.

Yet trying to break the bad feelings is not easy. Find a way to release and cleanse your energies each day after being around such people. People like this suck the energy and good out of you so quickly it is like being around a negativity generator. Be kind to others and say the things that you would like to hear. You can tell a co-worker that you appreciate them and their work. You can be kind to another person suffering like you do. It may help another person and build a support team of others who have to put up with the same thing.

Realize that there are kind caring people who do not act badly. You do not have to put up with these actions and you can find a new job. You can not find a new family but you can make one of your own with people you actually like.

The main remedy to people who are suffering from abuse and cruelty is loving kindness meditation and insight of the mind. I have books on these subjects that can be downloaded from the PDF files in my library. Loving yourself and others can be the key to most of the obstacles and blockages that we suffer through in life.

Yet instead of listening to others who blame you for things you did not do. Who do not listen to you and try to say or try to harm your inner spirit. It is all about them and their cruelty not you. Accepting responsibility and living in the truth of your own actions will give you a good life. Yet you do not need to be responsible for anything but your own actions.

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