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I plan to do articles on the obstacles where I have them permanently on my website. I did an article with methods for grounding, centering and shielding. I know that this is needed for many people who are trying to evolve.

One of the things that helps you to advance spiritually is trust in the divine. You are able to do this because you know he wants the best for you. Yet once the trust is abused or there is doubt it is when things turn badly for people. I have many clients who have had their trust abused by others.

They start to worry and say things are not going right. They wonder if God hates them because if they are praying to a true, kind, loving compassionate divine God why would he allow this to happen to them? How can they trust him when he is punishing them for things others did to them. They become afraid of God and repent, ask to be redeemed and saved from their problems. They pray for help and nothing seems to listen and they just go deeper into their morass of depression, gloom, and doubt.

Depression, gloom, doubt, and wondering why things happen to you defeat divine energies. I know people who are so used to things going bad that all they do is ask what did I do wrong this time? They beat themselves down into nothing as if they were the worse people in the world.

I believe in trying to set things right that have been done wrong. If you owe money or made promises you try to keep your word. Things will happen where you can not do this and many times this is the challenges of life. Bad things may happen to us but it may not happen because of us. Understanding the divine plan is impossible and if we trust and have faith things do turn around for us.

It is a hard lesson to learn and I can say I have not been perfect at doing this in my life. The type of work I do makes it so many times the divine uses me as I use divine energies to help others. It is the energy exchange of help being received and help being given. God does not need my help nor does he need to help me. Yet some people are borderline and by having my help they show what they are made of and they will be treated by how they act. Borderline means people who are married and one half is the problem while the other half is good. It means people who have a major choice and can be helped out of their bad decision. Borderline means people who repent and if their repentence is sincere my help can bring them out of their problems. Borderline means people who are tested by how they treat me and others to see if they are need to go through certain challenges because of their actions. All of these are examples.

It takes a great deal of trust and faith to have everything blow up around you when things are ended. You see that while the divine helped me to do good it was also shown that the person did not really deserve the help. Yet I am not the judge of whether they deserved help if I was told to help them. I know that if I leave and they are not cured it is the divines decision. I use divine energies and the divine can do anything. The divine made that decision. If every thing blew up it means that the divine judged their actions and how they respect others and made them miserable. It can also mean that the divine did not want me to help them anymore or felt I needed to leave the situation.

Many times things go right for the person afterwards even when they have acted badly to others. Yet life goes in sine waves which means you can be up and then you can be down but you will never be permanently in one place. Change always occurs and every thing vibrates and resonates where change can take effect.

The best way to develop trust is to list the problem areas of your life. I would say a big one at this moment is money and getting paid spaces. You thank what ever God or Goddess you pray to for your money space being full and your employment space being empowered. You do this each day and just trust things will happen because the divine is good. It will come about if you do not complain, worry, and doubt that it will happen.

It is the same thing with people who will not pay you properly. You can threaten them, and be upset. Yet you do not even have to write them to tell them they are doing wrong unless you want to make sure they realize the damage they will do to themselves. You just have to trust that things will occur where they will be taught not to do this to others.

I know many people have wondered at times while people who are real pieces of filth prosper. Even the divine could not love them and their actions. You may try not to judge them but it is so hard not to be human and do so. You look at their actions, how they do not keep their word or promises. Yet everyone knows people who act badly that prosper and have the very things they would love to have.

The reason people have problems and get shown these people all of the time is they judge them. It means they do not trust the divine to judge them and do it themselves. It is then set into motion all of the bad things the people do such as covet, envy, talk badly about another, wish them to learn their lessons, and many other things. I did this to myself for years. It did not make things easier and it only worked when I released the energies and quit talking about the bad things.

The divine wants you to make your own luck and pick your own challenges. Not for you to try to be like someone else and their life. Money and possessions are things that are always credited to the devil, and that you can not take them with you. That is very true but money is also divine love and what the divine wants you to do to have an easier life.

Money is an exchange of energies, and a way that you are shown people appreciate you and your efforts. It is not of the devil nor is it to be used as a status symbol, weapon, or a way to harm others. Money is to make it so you can live, find challenges and enjoy life. Yet it is the subject people have the least trust in the divine producing money and a good life for them.

The divine does not have to live up to your expectations, and may with hold things that are part of the challenge you are having in your life. Yet realizing that you can trust the divine, and that thanking the divine, praising him, being kind to others will bring the change which will bring you the things you want in your life.

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