Monday, June 28, 2010

Honorable Actions

The best way to stay connected to the divine is by honorable actions. I mean by this phrasing that a person does what they feel is right and correct. They honor their divine father, soul, and self by keeping their word and being a real person.

Many people today feel the path to success is by mirroring what others want to see. They project the images that others will react to in a positive way. It is all a false front and is used to manipulate others. The other people may through friendship, sympathy, and kindness be made fools of by the person or helped until the real person comes out.

Yet it is all falsehood and does not honor the divine nor their divine soul. People who are victims of these sorts of people always lose faith in themselves and their actions. It is an attack upon their inner core of trusting others. A person who does this is as harmful as a violent person who shoots people.

Demons and evil always love the sort of person who mirrors everyone and everything else. They can use those people and many times the best manipulators always have an evil component in their energies. Today people who do this are very common. It will not work with other people like them as it is then just a competition. They look for people who are trusting, kind, and who give others the benefit of the doubt.

The cruelty and abuse makes it so the person who tries to do honorable actions loses trust in the divine. The predators feed off the misery, pain, and sorrow enjoying the evil they have caused. Yet these people will learn that the divine does notice. I have seen it happen and wonder if part of the economic crash is not due to the prevalent nature of our institutions being incapable of doing honorable actions.

It is always about money in one way or another. The auto warranty you buy and find out they will not pay any money to fix the air conditioner because the oil in the car was not changed exactly at 5000 miles. Yes I do know a person that this happened too. The person who gets a phone call from a debt collector. She knows she does not have a loan with the company. They demand her information such as a social security number to prove it is not her debt. She gives it trusting the company to take honorable actions and remove her phone number. Instead they fill in her information and try to get the debt out of her since she owns a home.

Scenarios are being played out like this every day. People are being victimized every day for not thinking like manipulative crooks. I feel our economy would not have collapsed except for this utter lack of honorable actions towards others.

Every time I have had problems it was with manipulative people who tried to get my trust. They made sure they showed how innocent and what great people they were. I work through compassion and trust. They have no reason to lie to me as I am working on helping them through their problems. The first thime they have a lack of honorable actions and nothing will work correctly they have bad intentions towards me. They play the game and may fool others but they do not fool the divine.

Everyone has a choice to do honorable actions and be an ethical person. The cruelty, abuse and pain that is left behind in not dealing with honorable people is huge. The wreckage left of people who tried to take their anger out on the manipulative people is shameful but a chain reaction. The divine sees and knows everything so it ends up being a cycle that we as humankind have to break out of to be able to be in a better world.

I know a person who hires honest people and by the time they put up with her and her husband everyone is a thief. They manipulate, abuse, and try to traumatize others by humiliating them in public. They lie and they cheat others. They wonder why their employees steal from them after all the bad treatment. I mentioned to them that their treatment of others was the problem. I was told how nice they were and how kind they were. The people were just stupid.

They hired people that acted the same way to others that they did and were angry over it all of the time. They felt that they got to act the way they despised in others. Funny isn't it how most people can be blind to the fact that what they do and what they hate is always found in the others they are angry at for the same thing.

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