Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Services Added at my Website

I wanted to mention to everyone that I am adding new services at my website. They are Soul Realignment with your Life Purpose, Candle Rituals which I designed the symbols and methods myself. I have used these methods for years in combination with many other techniques. I am also doing Soul Retrieval and Defragmentation.

I have done all of these services for years in combination with other techniques. I felt people who did not have serious problems but did want work done would find it beneficial to have them separate where they could just get the one service done.

Recently I was hired as a magical bodyguard. I did a good job at protecting the person during a time of competition where the opponents were trying to harm the client. I stopped attacks and removed energies that were able to get through talismans and many other things that would have harmed them.

The person also had physical body guards and I noticed that many of them displayed psychic abilities that they used. They had an intuition when things felt wrong. I can train those body guards to protect their clients on a higher level so they can keep harm away from their clients.

Anyone interested in these services should contact me.

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