Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to be a Spiritual Person

How to be a Spiritual Person by Tzvi Freeman

X is an enlightened being.
He spends his life in the wilderness far from humanity, focusing his mind on the higher realms.

Harriet Goldberg is a schoolteacher.
She spends her life cultivating small minds, hoping to give them a sense of wonder for the world they live in.
Who is closer to G-d?
If the world came from G-d as light comes from the sun, spontaneously, but with no real interest, then X is closer.
If G-d created a world deliberately, because that is what He desires and cares for, then Harriet is closer.
You choose.

I have felt that living in this world and improving it was always what God wanted in our lives. I copied this quote from a website called . I have found a great deal of wisdom in the quotes and articles. It is a Jewish website but I know that it is more in tune with what I feel about spirituality.

 I have had many clients work to be evolved, worry about it, do new things and try to be of higher vibrations. They are waiting for the next shift or the rapture. I feel that spirituality is meant to be shared. It is easy to be enlightened when you do not have to pay the bills, worry about feeding others, or taking care of the people in your life. I have found most of the people who do this are judgmental and try to fit you into their expectations. They try to structure and control their lives as if they are the ones who decide what happens to them not God.

People who do this will receive a great shock when things do not work for them. Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. I had a friend who broke her hip. All of her evolved and enlightened friends looked at her and said you wished this upon yourself. Not a single one helped her when she needed the help because they were too busy judging her and feeling like they were special. People need to deal with life and other people.

Isolation may be good for types of insight and problem solving. A rest, or relaxing in nature but it is all about connecting to something outside of ourselves and not worrying about others opinions. You may say but I do not worry about others opinions I am enlightened or evolved. Yet why would a person say that unless they did care about others opinions and want them to all know how special you are.

A real evolved and enlightened person in my opinion is the man who will be a garbage collector to feed his family because he has no other way to make money. He is taking care of his family first.A person who does not care if they are evolved or perfect but celebrates life to help others in one way or another. A person who appreciates their life and does not judge others just enjoys them as people. I can list it off continuously but it is not necessary.

Real people are precious and they are spiritual whether they are religious or not. They believe in doing what they can and what they feel is right. They have ethics. They do the best they can, and accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. They adhere to being good and doing good even with learning lessons about how life works. They are the ones I feel are evolved.  

I feel kindness, charity, and helping others is the real goal in life. Not worrying about status, looks, enlightenment or evolving. If you do good every one will think of you in a good way. Thinking only of how you appear and look to others, worrying about others opinions will trap you in a cycle where you are not doing the will of God. God is love. 

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