Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prayer-Manifesting the good into our lives

·        "Prayer is the best answer to all of the trials that face us, because without prayer, even if we succeed in accomplishing some great goal in the eyes of men, we have failed in our sacred responsibilities, and thus we have failed in what is truly important.-- Thomas Yellowtail, CROW

 I know that most people think of Prayer as being Christian in the United States. Prayer always means something to do with the Bible. Yet the Christians and Muslims learned to pray from the Jewish people.The Jewish people learned it from observation and what worked. They learned effective methods that made it so there is great similarity between all of the children of the Book.

Yet every religion and belief system in the world has prayer. All religions have rituals and things to do when praying. All prayer is said and guided in such a fashion as to be effective. The things I have noticed for successful prayer no matter what religion a person is practicing is very similar to magic. It could be called magic which is basically the creation of miracles.

Start the day out with some sort of prayer by what ever name you call it. It is a way to bring positive energies into our lives and also a way to show our day to connect to the sacred and divine energies. Starting the day out in a good mental space is priceless. It should be seen as a obligation to fulfill for our inner selves to thank existence and the sacred energies for our lives, the things we love and the people we love.

Connect the love in your heart to the sacred energies. You can call it God's heart, Allah's heart, Buddha's heart and the list goes on but the main thing is to connect all sacred and divine energies to love and light. They do not involve anything but the divine help we need each day to move ourselves forward into the path of our life purpose. It is our sacred duty for all the good things that we receive in our lives no matter what religion we are practicing. Gratitude and appreciation needs to be shown..

Focus, visualization and concentration are next. Have you ever noticed when you are really upset and needy how you can focus on asking for help. I ask the divine and sacred energies each day for help. Yet most people do not do that and many times that is how a miracle is made. Focus, visualization and concentration are key for this. It means you can draw the energies that you need for the day, to help others, and to be blessed each day by doing this when you pray.

The length of the prayer does not matter but the methods above do matter. Say what you feel and know that you will be understood. Life can be hard to figure out and all of us need the help of a positive start to the day, and divine help to solve the puzzle.

The next is belief and faith. I have seen people nonstop pray but nothing happens it is as if their words are never listened too. You ask them and they state things like they do not believe they will be helped. The lord helps those who helps themselves. Yet you have to ask for help and then help yourself. It is how it works. 
Faith is a difficult subject and hard to do. Yet it is the belief that everything will turn out OK and that things happen for a purpose. I have seen this mentioned in other ways. The soul evolves by all of the challenges we go through and they are never punishments. They can be lessons to help us in our soul development and to challenge us to have faith.

The way to have faith is to visualize the end results of what you want to happen. It is hard to keep when things do not manifest right away but life is not instant. Starting the day with prayer and manifesting the end results of what we want in our life will create miracles.

Prayer is also useful to create miracles for others that we know need help, that we love, and that we want to protect. To do this focus on good for the person you are trying to help and include them. Then say a prayer to bless them with all of the good things of life. You will be amazed how often this will help others to experience miracles.


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