Friday, May 13, 2011

Guardian Angels

The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.  ~Jean Paul Richter

I am a person who believes in angels and guardian angels. I am sure my guardian angel has covered her eyes many times after saving me. I can see her saying Nita just survived that experience. I feel many people have had their guardian angels working overtime. Yet they never get proof of them in their lives. I have had that proof constantly.

A few years ago Don and I decided to drive to Laughlin, Nevada. Don is my ex-husband that I still take care of as he needs someone also. It is only about fifty miles from where we live. It is also a place where they have reasonably priced prime rib and both of us like to watch movies. Everything went fine but I heard a weird noise.

Don's normal response was to tell me I was being worried over nothing. I always jinxed his cars worrying about noises as it grew to a low roar. He was yelling to be heard but of course the sound was nothing. He could not ignore it by then but his comments were just to start an argument as if I had gone back and poured cement in the back end of the car. Totally discouraged I just shut up.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang, and we started to turn in circles. I was too scared to scream and I got to see semi-truck grills close up as we went through about 5 spins, and stopped from dropping over a cliff by inches on my side.  I was just sitting there shaking when the semi-truck grill I was seeing in the spins went by us and pulled up and stopped in front of us.

A older lady got out of the truck and said I made her believe in God. She said she had never been religious but had seen angels stopping the car from rolling, stopped the car from hitting their new truck and stopped us from going over the cliff. The new semi-truck was a car carrier so they winched our car up on the back of the truck and took us home.

They would not accept a dime and were excited over seeing angels. They dropped us off in our driveway, and then left. Don's main comment was guess we don't get to eat prime rib tonight.  Everyone says Don is bored stiff when I am traveling and gone.

Don told a couple of friends about what the lady said about angels. They said how do you know it is not true and shared their angel stories with us. Everyone has had a time where the prayers of others or their own prayers bring the guardian angels to protect them. I hope you get to see your guardian angels and know that God loves you.

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