Sunday, January 22, 2012

Death of the Ego or death of defects by being your true self

"The first factor in the revolution of consciousness is the mystic death of the ego - the death of negative thinking, negative personalities. We must purify the soul of the inner enemies. Every time a defect manifests - envy, gluttony, anger, lust, whatever - that impulse to the heart. Ask, `Do I really need to invoke this?' And then honor the heart."
-- Willaru Huayta, QUECHAU NATION, PERU

I have heard many versions of working on defects to remove negativity. It is my job in one way as that is what evil uses to hook too. Yet this is what I feel every healer, person, occultist or anyone trying to improve themselves should do. It includes the seven sins and all the worry and anxiety that holds people back from their dreams. Many people believe that it means they have to make their true personalities into something else. This is not so as it is removing parts of the personality to become a person who lives in truth and honoring themselves.

Big egos and believing that you are special or that it is right for you to walk over the feelings, and livelihood of others is not the true self of anyone. It is learned behavior from others who justify themselves. We are all equal as people and yet we are always judging others. I am superior to so and so because I have a new car and they do not have a new car. I can dress better than they do so I am superior. All of the mind games that we use to make ourselves special or important where we judge and hurt others are negative.

This is a trait through out all of humanity and you can be black, white, Asian, or of any race, belief, and income level to do this to yourself or others. The worse part of dealing with someone with a big ego is their finding out that you can do something better than they can do it. They become vicious and put you down at every level they feel superior in so they can believe their own claims about how special they are in their lives.

I always feel it is not how special you are that is important but how special you are to the people around you. Love, kindness, caring, and being good to others is what is important. The people who are wrapped up in their egos will never be happy because they are lying to themselves on many levels. So be a truthful person to yourself and a true person to others. You will not need a big ego because you will like yourself and be happy with your life.

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