Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Way of Knowledge

"The way of knowledge is like our old way of hunting. You begin with a mere trail - a footprint. If you follow that faithfully, it may lead you to a clearer train - a track - a road. Later on there will be many tracks, crossing and diverging one from the other. Then you must be careful, for success lies in the choice of the right road."
-- Many Lightenings Eastman, SANTEE SIOUX

I consider this another way of finding the proper path for each individual. We all have many choices in how we act and think. It is what we do to others and ourselves, and endless choices. The choices bring about many things in our lives.

None of our lives are static nothing is set in place except for certain challenges that must be done for ourselves and what we want to improve in our inner life and outer life. Do you stay with an abusive husband or when you find a loving man that is interested in you do you leave? Do you let fear take over your choice or do you find courage to face your fears? 

All of these things are something that happens to everyone each day. We let our reactions form our actions. We cautiously think but this could be different if I do things this way. Other people have this choice and it does not turn out bad. 

Calming ourselves and stopping our mind chatter then making a choice is a wonderful way to live life. Courage and taking a chance can be the most wonderful thing we have done for ourselves. Yet it is all about choices and being brave enough to do the things that keep us on the path for what we want in our lives.

Knowledge can also be accepting what we want in our lives. It is a release and acceptance of all worries, fears, and trauma. Knowledge can bring about the courage to be ourselves as we grow to understand ourselves and others. It can lead us in a new way in our lives. Some thing that is beautiful and meant to be.

Worry, fear, anxiety, trauma and other emotions keep us from being our true selves. Let us be the happy, adventurous, loving people that we know we are on the inside and take a chance to make our life what we want it to be.Let us all have the wisdom and knowledge to be our true selves. 

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mihaela said...

I like this very much.It is very true and helpfull.Thank you

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