Sunday, January 29, 2012

Killing Truth and Immortal Lies

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910), Advice to Youth

I have lived in a small town for many years. I have seen the best liar win in many arguments. Others judge people emotionally by the untruths they have heard. People become ostracized and not believed. It does not matter how many witnesses the person has or how much the truth is told. The one who is vicious and doing this because of his own agenda is considered the interesting one.

Everyone likes to believe bad things about others. Especially in the business I do. People with prior agendas will cause problems. You tell the truth and it does not matter, you have references and you made them up. You have people who you have achieved results with and it is ignored.

Everything is back to the basics of a lie traveling faster than the truth. Why is that so true? It is the nature of human beings to find a scapegoat which is normally someone or something they are jealous of in every way. It is what happened to the Jews as they were successful and in a bad economy they were used as a scapegoat. So a person with a bad experience will harm others by lying about them and taking out their misery on them. Any minority, creed, sexual orientation, or other person who is different or doing different work knows this feeling.

A person who lies about others always is a miserable person. They have something to prove so it is always their ego involved, and they want to show how great they are to others. The victim always tells the truth and no one listens, proves it and everyone wants to believe the worse because they want to believe bad about others. Yet think what sort of person needs to lie and get attention by ruining another person. If they do it to one person they will do it to others.

The sad fact is most of the time the people who do this never take the time to know the person being lied about and prejudge them. They treat others badly because of what they have heard about their race, their profession and what they do, they bully them, intimidate them, and make themselves feel powerful and that sort of person is what is wrong with the world.  The ones accusing others of being liars are normally the ones who are the liars just like the jealous person who accuses everyone else is normally the one running around in a marriage. Make up your own mind instead of listening to others and realize that the person being slandered might be telling the truth.

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