Monday, October 27, 2008

Divine Connections-Part two

The trap with being angry at the divine is that it cuts off communications. Anger in a constructive way is not as drastic but still limits communications. I will give a couple of examples. Someone who has problems with obsession and other problems is upset. They feel God is letting them down. It does not matter what religion or God they are being let down. The divine knows everything and they are having suffering and trauma. How could God do this to them is what they keep saying over and over.

The second person who tries to be constructive about it wonders if he made a wrong decision. God knows everything so there must be a reason why this is happening. The second person may be angry but it is also when he repents and asks what he did wrong. Either way is a blockage as neither person asked for help.

Now both of them do some reading and realize they have to ask for help from the divine. They beg the divine to change the circumstances. Yet they are spiraling out of control and the reason for this is that the negativity is attached to their weaknesses, abuse and trauma. They have to learn to detach from themselves and see the problems from another perspective.

They can then work on and correct the problems that allowed negativity into their life. One person always feels they do things wrong. The other person feels they deserve better in life. It is our own perceptions that cut us off and keep us from connecting to the divine in most cases.

Evil and negativity can play with these perceptions until we break free of them. The suffering and abuse in the victims life is a big part of this. People who have not suffered abuse have a different view of life. The world is a brighter and safer place.

People who have suffered abuse have anxieties, and they worry. These emotions can show as a lack of faith and belief over time which forms a pattern that removes the protection of the divine connection. Worry is a lack of faith because we do not believe the divine has our best interests at heart. Anxieties are what makes our worry come alive as we imagine everything bad that could happen. People try to say it is problem solving and many times they use it for that and prevent bad. Yet it sets the patterns in the brain for the belief that everything can hurt them.

I am not one of those people who believe that thinking positive is the only way to exist since if you do not plan things out properly it will be hard to be positive. Yet there is a great deal to be said for having faith that everything will work out for the best. To believe that things will come through in a good way no matter what the problem.

Bad choices make it so sometimes the best is really a poor result. Yet if the person has made good choices having some faith instead of visualizing the worst that can happen is powerful. It does not make the worst things in life come alive. Fear of something bad happening is another way to bring it alive in our lives. The negative emotions have a powerful effect on our life.

Visualization is one of the big parts of life that causes problems and some people do their best work at visualizing the worse things in life. All of this affects our divine channel as it makes it so our perceptions tie us to the problems of the earth.

I was raised to worry and have anxieties by a parent that did the same thing. It is how it happens to most of us. My other parent balanced the first parent out by saying that being good to people and thinking the best could bring it about in your life. I was lucky that way.

Yet people with evil attached to them seem to be the ones who worry, are fearful, and have anxieties. It is what makes them susceptible to ghosts, and demons. They are normally abused and traumatized where evil can make them live through the worse times of their lives over and over again until they break the patterns of thought that trap them from the divine. It is rough to do but once the patterns are broken all of the things causing the traumas have less power.

The person comes out from under a cloud and can live again. The only way to remove demons and evil is by having the divine help you. It is not personal power but healing the divine connection to give the victims a chance to work out the problems with the love of the divine.

Anyone who is a healer who claims how much personal power they have is missing the point. Divine love is the only way a healer really works. It means that any healer, any magician that puts more faith in their own abilities and says that is where they are receiving the power is not connected to the divine. They are connected to their own egos and are as blocked as the people who are the victims of worry, anxiety and fear.

The divine power of the creator of Love is all that matters. No matter what name or religion you are a member of in this life.

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