Friday, May 7, 2010

Astralhealer Church

I am starting a online church to train people who have the proper soul component for what I do as a specialty. I also plan to have candle rituals and ceremonies able to be done for people with problems. The money raised would be used in two ways. One way would be to build up a fund for emergencies and the expenses of the Church. The other would be to fund trips to people who are unable to afford them.

I deleted some posts and am combining them in this message. A specialist in the practice I have needs a soul component to get proper lasting results. People do not realize this and believe anyone can do this sort of work. It is not true as the person has to have the soul component or will not be able to do this work for longer than a few years before the back lash takes them out.

By back lash I mean the process of the healing. The soul component hooks properly to the divine and makes it so the divine is doing the work. Evil tries to make it so the person doing this work is disconnected on a certain level where they take the victims karma and agreement. The spirits which are fallen angels or demons doing this have many tricks. The soul component allows a flexibility and communication with the divine that can correct everything that evil does in a students or specialists life.

Demons really start preventing and harming the person who has this soul component at the start of their life. The person who is meant to specialize in spirit removal, exorcisms, banishing, psychic warfare has to be a generalist. They have to be strong enough to take the challenges and move forward in their lives. They are not sweetness and light. They are not trying to evolve, and state how great they are in any way.

They have to be capable of doing the hard work with out thinking of the rewards. Every time they do things correctly they have a layer of this world removed and a layer of divine grace added. Correct causes and decisions help the specialist out of the problems. The specialist learns from each case.

I have been upset over the last case. I had every reason to do so but do not plan to live with it for the rest of my life. I stated my opinions and realized with reading them over that it showed how hurt and ill I have been over the last few weeks. I would not have posted a great many comments in some ways.

In other ways I am proud I said what had to be said and plan to repeat some of it. People working in the Western Tradition do not have the same conditions as an Indian Guru. Most people read about Guru's and figure it is the same thing a specialist like I would do. It is a mistake as someone who does my work also has to be able to put themselves on the line for the divine and do what is necessary. It is more a body guard warrior position along with a spiritual component to it.

Anyone who has a specialist like I am who works through the divine and to have them visit has a sacred responsibility to treat them well. Otherwise it is a challenge and test for the people being helped because they are on the borderline of what the divine decides. The divine does not need human help but the divine does need human emotions, and experiences to give a human solution to a problem. It means the specialist does the best they can do. They do not need promises of undying friendship, manipulations or the people using them to get their goals. They may do methods to help but only because they are meant to be a test for the clients as much as the clients teach them how to learn new ways to help others.

Anyone that mistreats, abuses, or uses a specialist on any path will find that the very thing they used them for will not manifest properly until it is straightened out. Other things done is evil trying to use agreements from others to trap the specialist, and many tricks of fallen angels. The worse problems are with people who integrate the demon energy into their soul and use it to harm others. They can not be helped if they use the demon for their own goals. Especially since the first thing done seems to be the death of a person, animal, or multiple people and animals they are around in their life.

So I will be training people on what too look for to keep themselves safe, when angels are testing others and the person doing the healing, standards of treatments, ways and levels of tricks, ways of energy manifestations and many other lessons once I am sure that the person has the soul component.

Anyone doing this has to be able to do multiple tasks and do them well. I have done up to 14 at time but it did wear me out. You have to be able to have the clients allow you to take rest time and to be able to relax. You have to be able to accept that no one will treat you like a hero and you will be lucky to get appreciation. Your appreciation will be from the divine.

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I will need your photograph and will try to see if I can train you to help others or if it will be the basics to help yourself.

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