Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life choices and how negativity affects your physical self

Negativity affects your life in many ways. Anything that causes negative energies to come into your life will impact you by causing a disharmony. It depends upon the person and what their weak areas are that show what the disharmony's change.

I have always been a person with weak health. I had eye problems and almost died when I had eye surgery from an allergic reaction to Sulfa. I had health problems and developed all of the family illnesses. It was easy for negativity to cause the health problems that I have now. Diabetes can be controlled by diet and I did so for years. Yet I can not do that now.

Do I love deserts? Yes I do and I normally do not eat them. Yet when I have things going on where I need to ground I find it hard to resist them. I develop infections and other problems when I have not been able to completely stop the effect of the attacks of defending another. I always figure that if the divine wants me to do this sort of work then I will find solutions.I have always exercised, watched what I ate, did not do drugs, did not smoke, only occasionally had a beer. I am overweight since I have been 14 from thyroid problems so you can see how disharmony's find my health the weakest way to work into my system.

Backlash from healing someone happens when evil forces especially demons or spells have been set up to kill or destroy the person that undoes the evil. The divine does protect the person but the demon or opposing magician tries to switch things at the last moment to make it so personal power seems to be used where they can try to cut off part of the help of the divine.

If they do not cause the disharmony at the moment of undoing the evil then they will cause it through the actions of others after the problem is resolved. The challenge is outwitting some thing that is ancient, evil, and intelligent when it is a fallen angel where you can use it against itself and have the divine there as a wall of protection.

You have to develop ways to make it too costly, to harmful and non-productive so the fallen angel just walks away. Magicians who set up spells and rituals to harm others are normally paid and told by the client to do certain things. You have to be sure they are hit and neutralized and the people paying them are hit and neutralized. The people who pay others never want to be inconvenienced by the evil that they wish upon others. So again it makes it too costly for them to want to keep doing the evil work.

You can do things that work with the truth and prevent bad things from happening. It may cause results and ripples that make it so disharmony's occur for others. The reason for this is they are not living in truth or being ethical. If the person who is protecting others always tries to stay in truth and be ethical it does work well for the people they are helping. The others who have any work cause problems will have it be because they are fooling themselves.

Every decision is a challenge and the challenges build up until it is like forcing someone through the eye of a needle. Yet those challenges are what life is all about and what makes it so we learn to be real human beings who live in truth.

So it is realizing that no matter how much people say if you do different cures, or act in a certain way. Be vegetarian, or many other things it still will depend upon what the disharmony's find as the weakest area that they can flow into in your life.

So judging others is not good. I always judge by results and by truth. All of the physical and other things including judging others by money or labels is just a way to feel superior. Any one of us can have problems. It is enjoying every one for themselves and not try to make the other person feel badly about themselves.

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