Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Choices and how They Change the Mental and Emotional Part 2

The next part of mental and emotional choices comes through different ways our ego, and rationalization causes problems. A spiritual practice in which ego rules over everything done is the way of personal power. Personal power will cut you off from the divine energies. Everyone says I do this or do that when they do magic or they get results. It is all the divine that does it.

I have said this to people for years and if I do not use the word I many people feel that it is not my help. Yet having the divine connections open and clear is what makes it possible for me to do my work. I always thank the divine for everything and every way I am helped. I do daily prayers praising the divine in every way. Yet for the clients I have to say I all of the time.

Feeling you are capable of accomplishing things with out divine aid through personal power is a trap. Every thing we do is guided by our choices which the divine notices and we get moved into different experiences. I know that every time I help someone and they are nice to me it means to the divine that they appreciate the help that is being sent by using me as a vessel of light or for waking up divine sparks. Thanking me and being nice to me even if I am not a perfect person that fits all of the expectations of others means that the divine is being thanked for allowing me to try to do my best to resolve issues.

The reason for this is the divine wants a human solution because we are his children and one good act or deed redeems everyone. We are meant to do acts of kindness and charity. We are meant to praise the divine. The moment we feel we are in control and can control how the healing or energies flow we cut ourselves off from the divine. Methods can be used but they will work differently for different people and cases.

So I do a healing and follow the messages I receive and what I can do. I try different things and invent ways I feel a healing will work better for everyone. I do not change what the people worship and work on everyone having the divine brought alive in them. I only do this with permission and I am not always successful because I am imperfect even if the divine is perfect. I wear out, get ill, and make the wrong choices because of many factors.

Some of them are the physical effects upon my body from the energies flowing into my body. Evil can be broken but also set with a trap to kill the person who breaks the evil. The divine saves the person but they have to trust and believe that the divine will help them in the first place. Yet evil is inventive and evil spirits have intelligence and really can cause manipulation on many different levels. They try to harm the people who do the healing and are being healed. Obsessed or possessed people can be dangerous and have evil use them like a glove. You can like the person but you have to realize what they are no matter how painful it is for you and others.

So the tricks and traps that come from dealing with obsessed or possessed people are the same. They try to make you feel inferior and that they are superior. They are willing to lie, manipulate others, rationalize, judge, be controlling to the point of harming someone, and many other actions. The people around them always make excuses for them but if there is more than one problem having them around where they can try to control the outcome makes it so every thing is chaos. So if multiple problems are happening getting rid of the people who are trying to control, manipulate, and insert themselves and their energies into every thing is crucial.

The person who is obsessed or possessed should be told that they need to get the energies out of every ones space. The reason for this is that they are allowing others to be infected with evil and all of the problems. Realize that regular people can have these symptoms but it shows that something is working on making the choices go from good to bad. It makes the persons life where they are choosing the least bad choice instead of having the choices be both good and bad. All of the choices have repercussions that end up manipulating others and moving them towards the wrong choices. The worse people are the ones who can not be helped because they used the evil spirits and demons to kill others and destroy others. They become integrated and more demon than human.

The person with problems feels that the divine does not love them and will not listen to them. Many of them ask why the divine hates them. They become angry and upset. Things get worse and they are more isolated from their loved ones and friends. None of this is the divine but the fact that through ego, bad choices, anger, and chaos that hooked all of their life to the wrong energies which were not of the divine. Anyone can be a victim of these energies yet once evil notices someone it works upon every issue in the persons life.

Every thing goes wrong so the person will try to micromanage everyone and every thing in their life and try to predict everything they will do. It means the mental illness of Narcissist behavior. It is rampant in this world and shows in all of the people who try to run every ones life. If you do not do exactly what they expect you to do then you are wrong. It is trying to make everyone fit what you believe they should be instead of enjoying the differences.

It is important for every healer to realize that their job is helping the ill person. It is not criticising them about what they have done in the past. It is making the present better. So if the person has problems that can not be changed easily. The healer should work upon the short term issues. The long term issues will take care of themselves once the person feels better.

People who suffer from trauma and abuse suffer from soul fragments. I have seen many people claim to do soul retrieval but they put seven or eight fragments back at once. Do not go to these people as they do not know what they are doing. You can heal too quickly and living through 7 experiences of abuse can unbalance you so much that you are worse when they are done. A split or fragmented soul will prevent anyone from healing properly. Yet it has to be done correctly with the split or fragments being integrated properly. It takes time. People with soul splits or fragments are always disconnected from their own lives.

People who suffer also put out thought forms which can be used by negative forces to bring those issues alive. Many people call these negative spirits yet the person does it to themselves by their fears, worries, and anxieties. Most of us are trained in childhood to do this and shut ourselves off from others. It can cause the person to be trapped with in themselves until they resolve this. I always use the example of a hamster running in a wheel.

Rationalization also is something that is a spiritual illness as you do not live in truth. So the ego ridden person who instantly starts lecturing someone else on how they are all wrong in how they live sees nothing of how they hurt the other person. They do not see how they put them into a mental box and feel superior. They say I was just giving them the benefit of my knowledge and they should know all of this because it is why they have a problem. Many people do this and judge others and lose all of the valuable information they could learn. Knowing what is best for everyone is a problem spiritually. No one knows what is best for someone else.

Everyone who I have met that rationalizes about their own actions also hurts others. People who live in truth look at what is happening and will not do it. It is a big difference in life. So the main reason most spiritual illnesses occur is always the choices that cut people off from the divine and others.

I noticed that most people who live in ego, rationalize, and have spiritual problems are not capable of going past their own pain and thinking of how others feel. They can not put themselves in the other persons place. I know that someone is healing once they do start showing compassion and getting out of their own problems.

Yet all of these choices and actions will make it so the person will not heal properly. It makes it so bad choices brings them to the notice of negative energies and occurrences in their lives. All of these are parts of how evil notices us and most possessed and obsessed people have a number of these problems. It is also how our choices bring us into bad places mentally, physically and spiritually.

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