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Obstacles and Blockages-Money and Abundance

Everyone has heard how things can be influenced in their life. I know I go on about this but do not give opinions on what can help very often. I do this in hopes people will read on my website but this is also a great way to get through to everyone.

I help many people to transform their lives. I have to work through layers of problems to do this and always say it is like peeling an onion. You never know how many layers there are and the problems become more intense in the middle.

I have read many books on drawing money and abundance. Most of these make it sound so simple. Yet many people can not make these methods work or manifest the good energies for themselves. I have some ideas on this and what has helped problem people in the past and plan to cover the different subjects.

People who are married join their spaces and Master Programs of their conscious and subconscious minds with their spouse. If you marry a rich person and you have a poverty program and make it so your space is dominant. Your spouse will start to make mistakes in judgement and lose their money. A rich woman marrying a man with a bad money space in particular will allow this to happen. The male energies are more active than the female and the male takes over. So the rich woman will wonder why she is making mistakes in judgement and know that it happened after she married. Yet the male will do things right occasionally and moments of agreement allow him to anchor his energies into her space until they are broke or bankrupt. Kick that man out of your space and the same is true for rich men with manipulative ladies that drive them broke. I believe the best way to be married is to join yourself but state right in the vows that all spaces and energies for success, abundance, and karma are separate where they will not hit both people at once.

Joining the spaces where the master programs are not upgraded to the positive is a mistake and every one should work upon these methods. Many times I need to do a space and soul method to realign all the spaces and programs. Every marriage should join the people at the heart chakra in love and joy. It should not involve a cold blooded take over of all spaces where one person is in control. I also want to state this can happen in a business partnership where the business fails and the blame is pushed onto the person who was not in control of the decisions. They get upset for the lack of success and the reason why is because they gave up control of their spaces to the partner.

So how do we avoid this and it comes under mental patterns and agreements. No one should feel that any person needs to be in control over their mental spaces but themselves. You join together in marriage or business but you do not give up yourself. You can say "Oh honey you are better at this than I am but always say what you are good at so you keep things separate. Never give up your inner talents and self to be controlled by your agreements, belief's and statements to others. You are the one who has to live with the decisions, mistakes, and take responsibility for what is done. Why would you let someone else decide this for you?

People will say I am not doing this yet look at your life. We are trained to give up control to our family and parents during childhood. We do it when we are employed because we are expected to be loyal to the company and help our co-workers. We do this when we are married because the man is supposed to be in charge. Yet we always have different talents than the other person and this should be remembered. A marriage is a partnership that works to the talents of each partner. Not being under the control of someone and hiding our true abilities. The work place is different than when I was a child now everyone is out for themselves. The middle road as the Buddhists put it is the road to take.

Anyone who wants abundance and money has to be able to have self-esteem, responsibility for their actions, acceptance that they need to correct wrongs, and determination where they can overcome failure. Different themes are played out in this way through out everything that we do. If your theme is to screw over everyone until you reach the top then sooner or later you will find someone who does this better than you do. You will be right back at the bottom when it is done because you never developed the talents and skills to be at the top.

Many times we are blocked from our solutions and that is where magical obstacle removal comes into play. I have a very good method for this in my book "Solving Psychic Attack at

It is my new book and has the advanced methods I left out of the old book. Contact the publisher and you can buy it to have it shipped to you when it is ready. Yet there are also other methods for every belief system. Introspection meditation especially of the mind shows what we do to ourselves.

Yet the most important thing to realize is that it is our own beliefs that can block us and the way we make our choices. I have the introspection book in my library at my website. Just click on books at the top and go to the library section. I also have loving kindness meditation and how to introspectively control your own reactions.

I have mentioned many times about actions and reactions from our childhood. Life choices and many other subjects. All of these tie into how we obtain what we want in our lives. Babies cry in the way most irritating to the Mother and practice to do this. We can be the squeaky wheel but be so obnoxious and self-centered about it that we do not get what we want in our lives. No one wants to listen to us because everything is always wrong and useless.

The reason for this is expectations that we have in our life. Some people have set beliefs that if one thing is not perfect then nothing has been done and nothing is perfect. If I accomplish 8 out of 10 things and two are partially done I look and say Thank you for all I have accomplished, and thank the divine for all of my blessings. I do not accomplish anything with out the divine. The people with abundance problems always say that they are upset because the two things are left. Be thankful, and always thank the divine even if you do not like what is happening. The reason for this is if you thank the divine for something even when you do not yet accomplish it then you have the divine energies there for you.

Problem solving is different than worrying about every thing that can go wrong. So being thankful puts you in the right mood for things to go right. I always feel that praying every day is also a release of goodness and protection into your life. Affirmations work well for this also. You can turn your life around by being more positive and thankful. Worry can bring alive thought forms that turn into monsters and plague your thoughts for the rest of your life.

A serious problem is if you are married to a person with a demon influence in them or around them. You have to decide through chaos what you can do and many people allow the demons into their spaces because that is what they do when they marry someone. My advice is to get help and if the spouse uses the demon to harm others get rid of them or remove them from your spaces.

You will never get anything you want in life as long as your spaces are joined. It is the real struggle when there are outside forces reinforcing our bad choices and belief's. Yet the same methods will help you to take back your life and yourself that I have listed above in this post. I hope this has made many people think about their lives. We are responsible for everything that goes on even if we have people to blame for mistakes. We did it someone Else's way and should have done it our way.

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