Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Choices and How they change the Mental and Emotional

I will have to do this in more than one part for the mental and emotional effects that life choices can do. We all know about karma but very few people realize that their choices in spirituality will change everything in their lives. I will be working through a variety of subjects and the false opinions I have found harmful or hurtful.

The first thing to be mentioned is trying to evolve and become a higher being. I have seen people turn their lives upside down to do this. They read every book on the subject and become vegetarians, meditate, and many other methods. Yet many of them do not change to the very things that cause one to not be evolved. Evolution can not be earned like a school subject. It is not to be used to judge others or their paths. If you have to tell anyone you are evolved then you are not evolved. If you are evolved then everyone will notice sooner or later.

Choices and actions are the basis of evolving to a higher state. The choices and actions are different for everyone. Yet people who push themselves and overdo many of the practices listed in the books to become evolved will remove their grounding. The reason for this is they are trying be removed from this level so they do not work on the things that will make them a whole grounded being. It causes mental problems such as a disconnection to reality. The work the person has done makes it so they can see energies and spirits. It makes them unbalanced because they do not know how to shield or filter the energies around them. They can have negativity just walk into their mental, physical, and emotional bodies and just sort of take over because they are wide open. The beings control the spaces and levels between these bodies so the person has no control over the conscious or subconscious actions and energies.

I have a book on Soul Restoration that I found very good and explanatory. I had always grounded properly and did everything I thought would balance me in this world. Balance is all important. I received a huge blast of divine grace after doing a good deed and I was so unbalanced it was ridiculous. It threw off my health with my diabetes, and removed my balance on every level. The reason for this is I have heart chakra issues that need resolving. I had angels tell me this and my levels between the bodies made it so the divine could walk in and out as they liked. It could have been worse because divine grace at least protected me from evil spirits.

Yet I was ill and not balanced. I had my eyes changing color depending upon which angel was talking to me. I was told that I was evolving and going up another notch or two. I was also shown what issues held me back so I was ascending to different planes and levels. I am not one to brag but the people that were around me were weirded out because of the eye changes. They had been working at evolving according to the Indian Guru method which is a great deal different than what I do with my path. I did everything to ground. I drank a couple of beers as hops are protective and ground you. I always eat meat because my path is acts of kindness and charity so that is what adds energies not disconnecting myself from the earth. I was stumped as I have never tried to ascend to any extra levels. I just did my work and what was important to me was doing a good job and being grounded. The only other thing that is grounding is sex and I was not ready to do that one when my mate was not with me.

So a person who has never tried to ascend and evolve ended up in the same mess as some of my clients ended up in that had worked to ascend and evolve. I was hugged by Amma and that balanced me but opened up new issues because it also made it so I had to work on my heart issues. Heart chakra issues are a big problem as they are how we have been perceived through out our entire lives. Yet she reset me differently than my path would have reset me over time and I had to work through those issues.

So the main lessons I learned about evolving and being pushed into levels you are not ready for or like I did only half-shifted into until I balanced. One is do not tell anyone about it because if they are working on themselves it will be a bigger problem. They have expectations about what is to happen and it pops their bubble. I had no expectations and was just sort of shocked since I have never worked on evolving or ascending. In one way I feel that saved me a great many problems.

Next is ground yourself. If you do not ground yourself then the levels in-between the bodies will not close back down. It will leave you spacey and may cause soul splits and trauma. Evil will walk into those spaces and make it worse. So do what ever is necessary to get yourself back onto this earth in a grounded state. Use all the grounding methods, place filters between the bodies and soul and be sure that you use shields until you do stabilize yourself.

The last thing is too always test angels. Fallen angels also known as demons and many other negative spirits will pick those times to give you wrong information. Things may happen close to that information but it also creates self-doubt when things do not work out. They put a false layer outside of the person where others do not communicate with them properly or perceive them as what they really are as a person. False angels can not resist certain vibrations of bells, salt, being banished by names of the divine, and many other methods. Make sure you learn these methods if you are having problems. Real angels come from above down the divine Ascension channel and will not hook into the back of the neck or appear outside of you if you are having problems.

Next is working on the issues until the weird effects stop. I was having vision problems and seeing three realities at once. I felt like a person with a three ring circus going on in her head. Yet everything stabilized after I effectively grounded on all levels. A person who had been working upon doing this to themselves would have ended up analyzed with a mental illness and been put on medication if they did not know what I knew about different methods. It does not mean it was easy for me nor does it mean that the people around me were nice to me.

I now feel more complete is the only way I can put it. I finally got everything to the same level and had a few more occurrences help me to balance. I still have work to do upon my heart chakra issues and that is an ongoing challenge. I just have to say to others that evolving is a great goal but it can put your life through some real ups and downs. Beware of what you wish for and be ready for any problems by knowing how to balance, ground, center, shield and filter so you have equilibrium on all of the planes and levels. Any parts of your emotional body that are not worked upon will unbalance you so you are stuck and all of us have problems where we are not perfect. We would not be upon this earth otherwise but up at the top levels watching the earth. Many teachers do not understand this and there are many methods out there to use. Find what is best for you and do not push yourselves as you will naturally move up in the levels if you make the right choices in your life.

So that covers the main issues about using methods to work upon yourself with out learning the basic grounding, centering, and balancing of your bodies. It is the first part of this series and I will talk about the other problems. I hope all of you research methods to keep yourself balanced and safe.

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