Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 and thoughts of Transformation


Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

When light pushes away the darkness, eventually another darkness shall come.

When the darkness itself is transformed into light, it is a light that no darkness can oppose.

I felt this was a good quote for the day. Darkness hit America with the terror of 9/11. We were suspicious of everyone. Conspiracy theories were every where. All of a sudden people started to study Islam and see what those people were doing. Derogatory terms were made and they started to use spin doctoring and every thing they could think of to make it so they were a poor abused people. The Muslims who wanted peace were pushed to the background and had just as much propaganda pushed down their throats to get them to act in a certain way.

The reason I say propaganda is it was an event used to transform the world. We lost our confidence in the government who to this day is putting out terrorist alerts. They were scared also and acted in a way different than usual. Everyone wanted something to be done but there is no cure for this illness. We all started to think badly and our bad thoughts brought about more bad events. We have had leaders not in touch with reality since this moment who made it so we kept thinking more bad thoughts and of more disasters.

Other countries in the world were attacked and now we have whole nations who are afraid. I say that we stop this cycle. Fear, bad thoughts, misery and being dragged down is how evil plays with the people I remove evil spirits, and energies from and heal. Think what the whole world is doing to each other. They are creating thought forms and huge amounts of energy all focused on disasters and conspiracies. The US has had more natural disasters happen recently than in its entire history. All the energies of past places we have been tied too by karma such as the countries in South East Asia are adding to the feeling of powerlessness. We as a people are losing morals and ethics in dealing with ourselves and others. World events before the World Wars during the times we were able to help others show we have been lacking in this as a country a number of times.

Yet the world did not have the economy collapse, or any of the other events until we were scared and did not have the ethics to say something was wrong. We should not be interfering in other countries business as nations that is up to the United Nations who should be neutral. They should not be forced by the interests of countries. We should stop this judging of others and instead start to send loving kindness, prayer, and good energies towards good decisions and good things happening to the economy. Our depression has done enough harm and this would transform all of the energies so good could happen to everyone. We should clear the energies and land of the events that tie us to other countries so all of the countries can move forward to a new life and focus.

I enjoy the posts of the different religions that I signed up for but transformation is what we need for ourselves and others at this moment. I honor 9/11 with all of the sacrifices of others for this thought. Let us transform ourselves from fear and failure to the bravery and heroism of the people who died from the tragedy of this event.

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