Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inner Anxiety                                                                                  
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

Often, anxiety takes root because a person’s external character is incompatible with his or her inner self. The anxiety may dwell upon other issues and obsessions—but none of these are the true underlying cause.

Most souls can tolerate a few inconsistencies. But others are sensitive to every nuance. As soon as some aspect of their lifestyle is not attuned to the purity of the essential self, the entire person is thrown off balance.

I received this thought in an email. It made me think of the times when I had been anxious over nothing. At least that is what I thought it was-nothing. Yet I have to say every time I have anxiety something happens in my life that makes me realize why I was anxious. At times it can be an overwhelming thing of worry and trying to dissect everything that can go wrong.  Yet I do the action or thing that makes me anxious and realize it was because of my inner self or soul.

I always know when I am anxious I talk incessantly trying to make others laugh so I can relax. I am nervous for no reason and I always discard it as just nerves from meeting new people. Some times that is all it is about and other times it is because my inner self knows that I am dealing with something that violates my basic principles even if I do not know it.

I am best at protection. I feel good about stopping harm, preventing curses and freeing people from demonic energies and other parasites that cause problems. Yet on other things it is cutting edges and feeling like I am on a tight rope. I have one of the natures that every nuance of my life causes inconsistencies to my soul. There are things I know I would die before I do them. Yet what about those things that do not seem that bad. It should be OK to do it and everyone else does it are the normal thoughts.

Everyone else is not you. You have to be truthful to yourself and realize it is not the truth. You have things that cause you anxiety to do. I do not like to lie, steal or enforce my will on others. I will watch others and be sure to be warned about what they do but I do not violate their free will.

Anything that is not right for the person always falls apart. We can try to analyze why and state it is for different reasons but we have to realize it was not for us. This is true in relationships, and every time we deal with others. In magic imbalances occur with negative forces that cause our soul to rebel. It will not allow us to do the things that are wrong for us. People who do the things that are wrong will always have an opening for a negative force to attack them.

Again it is the choices which the anxiety warned about and we did anyway. It is the things you do in your life because it is not really defined if it will be good or bad for you and your life. It is being around the wrong people and being naive enough to believe them. It is also trusting in the wrong things and actions. Our souls, guardian angels and forces of good always try to steer us in the right direction. We do not follow their advice and listen so end up experiencing the bad and doing the very things that cause us the most problems.

Some people are affected by negativity where it is almost impossible to make the right choices yet listening to our inner anxieties might help the people who do have problems.

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AarTiana said...

Great post Nita! I am sure many people don't think about this very simple principal when becoming anxious. Thanks for the enlightenment today!

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