Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Your Mind of Sorrow

"Don't be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts." -- Don Talayesva, HOPI 

I can not count the times I have needed to have a cry. I was raised in the normal fashion but my family always got upset when I cried. I always heard the statement from my Mother "So you want to cry I will give you something to really cry about." It gave me the message that I was not supposed to cry. My worries and fears were nothing to anyone else.

It stayed with me through my child hood and adult life. I was supposed to be strong and not cry. I was not to express my sorrow and grief. I finally realized how much it crippled my emotions. I knew people that had been in families where they hugged all of the time and were affectionate. In my family it was a good night kiss and that was about it. It did not help that I was around others who were also trained not to cry.

I have found many people with this training in their lives. My Father was not afraid to cry and express his feelings. Yet so many men are afraid to do so because they worry about being perceived as weak. I am the same way even at the worse moments because of how my family trained me. I would finally sit down and have a good cry when no one else was around and let go of my sorrow and grief.

I felt better except for my eyes being sore. I released the things bothering me. The actions of others and horrible experiences. I cut them loose and forgave everyone and set them into the past. Forgiveness does not mean you have to be around the person again or let the same thing happen to you. I moved on in my life in better ways because grief and sorrow freeze you in place just like so many other emotions.

Everyone would be healthier physically and mentally if they had a good cry every now and then and let go of their sorrow. It frees you for the better things in life. The reason for this is suffering and sorrow draw more suffering and sorrow. Joy of life brings more joy.

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