Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect Lives and Happiness

if we all had perfect lives, we would never know what happiness was because we would never be sad or mad enough to know the difference.

I read this comment in an email and I know it is very true. The reason the world is dual natured is to give us a comparison of what could be happening. We become grateful for the good moments. The acts of kindness we experience from others when we are down and much more.

The seven deadly sins are used by evil to access my clients among other methods. Sloth is the major one of these because the word was translated
from Greek improperly and means apathy and depression. The world is full of apathy where every one feels they can do nothing with the social trends that are happening to everyone. The depression of people has become an industry with new and different kinds of pills. Yet many times when things are bad it is healthy to have a depressed moment about life because it helps you to a solution.

Anyone that has been told they have a major illness or other problems will be depressed. It is just how long it lasts and if it leads into apathy. Depression can be seen as a lack of faith if it is long term. The person does not believe that God has anything good in store for them. It helps the bad things to manifest if you put more energy into being depressed and powerless.

My clients have shown me many times over the years that once they break free from problems they have more intense emotions, and more appreciation for things going better in life. They know the difference. If they keep focusing and looking for evil the problems are drawn back into their lives.

Everyone has bad times and bad things happen yet when they do not get any good coming into their lives something is wrong and blocked. If you think more of allowing your well being to come to you and focus on good things. Visualize them and see the end results happen it will work for most people. Focus is a big part of this also.

Keeping your focus on good thoughts and things you want to do will also make going through the bad times easier. Happiness is not a physical fact or condition of a perfect life. You can be happy in the worse times also. It is a frame of mind and it also fights depression and other things that make us go in the wrong direction. Happiness can be about having a shower or a good cup of coffee. It is all about perspective and appreciation.

The hardest thing to keep is a love of life and appreciation of life. Yet if you do keep a love of life and happiness you can endure anything.

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