Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doubt and how it can draw depression into your life

"If there is a shadow of a doubt someplace, that will cause a weakness." -- Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA 

Many people that I know have worked at magic. They try very hard and have perfect book knowledge yet I never see them practice magic. They do not try to change the energies of their lives for the better. They will work upon themselves but they miss a big issue.

Most people who do not try to manifest magic have doubts. The flow of the universe brings us what we focus upon in our lives. Yet most of the people I am talking about can not manifest their wishes or the Law of Attraction rules.  Everyone is supposed to do this but the key is to how people think and believe.

I had one client I taught who did a beautiful job at magic. Yet she could not seem to get the fact that her doubting her work turned it back into energy.  She would describe the ceremony to me to get credit and then she would ask me did it work. Her doubts held her back from achieving anything with magic. She also had doubts about anything going right for her. The things in her life generated more problems because she kept worrying about what was needed to make things work. She also kept checking with every one to see if they worked. She doubted her ability to do anything in her life correctly.

This is an extreme reaction but the things we want in our life is full of vibrations and energies. Those energies generate in us an image which fulfills our desires. It also explains a great many of the problems that my clients have with evil beings and creatures. They always doubt that God will help them. They then said God did not help me and I was innocent. Yet they drew what they feared which is God would not help them with evil.

I have had times where I have been blocked from the divine and not allowed God energies into my life. I always was down and miserable and just accepting things. We do not have to accept bad things happening in our lives. Even if it is preordained to happen the energies can be changed for the better. We may still learn the things that we are meant to learn but we can make it easier on ourselves.Key words and key phrases from out childhood and life generate these doubts. Statements made by others like you are ugly will make a woman doubt her looks the rest of her life even is she is beautiful. The parents saying you can not have money with out suffering or hard work will also affect the perceptions of how things happen.

Yet some people keep their love of life and can generate the good things coming to them even in the depths of misery and poverty. The difference is they can laugh at things and always try to think of the good things that could happen. They do not accept that their life will not change. Change happens to everyone and keeping positive thoughts will keep it from being the really bad changes. Curses and demon oppression happen because people are forced in energetic vibrations that keep them in the places where they are vulnerable through doubt. Yet we can change these moments so they bring about good even with the negative energies trying to drag us back.

The reason for this is that divine love powers the universe. We do not have to suffer or learn lessons. We do not have to suffer hardships. We can change all of this by giving the divine and his helpers the permission to work in our lives.  A simple prayer or affirmation causing positive thoughts can change the energies of the day. Looking at the beauty around us can help with this also. Anything which focuses on higher level vibrations help even when every thing around us is dragging us down. We can accept that we are children of God and that a good life is waiting for us. We can say we deserve the good things in life, and are worthy of the things we want coming to us.

It is doing that even if you are homeless, living in a tent, and miserable because it leaks. You can think at least I can gather water and take a shower. It is beautiful. That is better than thinking I will die here, I am wet cold and miserable. It is hard to do but loving life no matter what it is will bring more good to you. Laughter and not doubting the world being a good place to be will manifest good things in your life. Everyone needs to do this and learn they can not control their lives. Yet everyone can enjoy the ups and downs and the adventures that bring you to where you are going in your divine life.

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