Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I Work on Problems and Case Histories

I have started putting up the histories of cases where the names and places of the events have been changed. I have been given permission to use these cases by the clients involved so I have not violated their privacy even with changing the names. I hope you enjoy them as it shows how I work and the problems I have dealt with in the past.

The main way I work is through solving the problems like it is some sort of mystery. I ask who, what, where, when and the victims impressions. It is the only way to work through the layers of problems. I normally get clients who have had years of problems. It makes it difficult to get to the original problem and working through years of collected problems takes time.

I do like challenges and enjoy the way that I can help others. I am always learning new techniques and methods to make it so I can help the most people. I hope that the old cases will help people to understand what I do and how I do it.

The first case is about rips in the fabric of time. The second case will be about a psychic vampire case I had in the past. I have many more so let me know if you want to hear more. I was inspired to do this by my friends, and family. They all enjoy listening to me talk about the ups and downs of cases and how I figured out a solution. I learn from the cases I can not heal also. Yet it is the favorite thing they want to hear about what I dealt with this time and how it was different. I know the variety ought to be interesting to everyone.

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