Thursday, October 2, 2008

More on Patterns

I thought I would talk more about rationalization and patterns. Everyone is in a pattern in their life. You talk to people at lunchtime, take breaks, eat meals all in the same pattern each day. We live by patterns and linear time.

The patterns in our lives form on our time lines which we structure as linear time with our splitting our lives into the past, present and future. Demon and angels do not work on linear time. All time is accessible and happening to them. It means that we can have them affect our past, present and future all at one time.

Demons can work upon a victims life in the past, present and future at the same time. So the demon finds a victim and needs certain access points or weak spots. The demon travels to the past and creates these moments in the victims life even though to the demon it is happening at the same moment it finds the victim.

The demon then goes to the future and tries to affect the persons time line. Each person has certain predictable patterns so even with free choice we have some moments that can be watched for in our lives. It places what I call a time line bomb to blast the victims life to pieces when an opportunity happens for it to be possible to cause chaos and havoc to the victim.

To the demon this is all in the same moment. The victim sees it as years ago and wonders how the traumatic moment that had been mostly forgotten could be affecting the victims life. The demon has it where it can invade the barriers, and life of the victim to the point that it is running the show by altering perceptions, and bringing alive the worst in the victim and life.

The demon does not want an exorcist to show up so it tries to prevent this from happening. People who are to become exorcists have their lives affected before they are old enough to know what happens. The reason for this is the demon can see who is going to get rid of it. The divine and the angels try to protect the exorcist so they are hidden from evil in as many ways as possible. The demon then goes to everyone in the life of the future exorcist and finds their weak points to oppress the exorcist before they know what to do.

The reason they do this is they see it happening like we are living all of our life at once so they access these moments to get their own way. The exorcist then ends up with an adversarial situation with something they can not deal with that attacks them.

A great many people believe it would be cool to be an exorcist, and fight evil. I know that most of the people I have met who do my type of work do it because it is the life path that they picked before they were born. The person from the moment of birth was slotted to be an exorcist but the moment of knowing this always happens with evil and its schemes to be rid of the exorcist before anything can be done to harm evils fun. Evil attacking the future exorcist brings it out in their lives. So another pattern in life.

Everyone gets to have free will but the time bombs are set up by demons before the person knows how to remove them. The victims have similar problems. Exorcists can hide in the middle of the desert with no one knowing what they do and a victim can look at them and tell them their problems and ask for help.

Angels guide people to others who can help them. I know I have had people find me and know what I do with out saying a word. Many other people have experienced the same thing who do this sort of work.

So the victim and the exorcist are going through life not knowing that this is set to hit them at different times until it happens and they learn what they are in life. It is a divine gift for someone to be able to help others to heal and remove these problems.

Angels noticing a person does not mean they will have an easy life. Yet it does mean they will have an interesting life that is full of courage, and fighting for others rights not to be oppressed. Years ago it was respected and the person was seen as a spiritual warrior with the whole town happy to support them.

In times of change things do develop in different ways. I would say the way society is going now that many past virtues are lost. I wonder if the way society is focused on selfish behavior and the ways it has of judging others is not just another time bomb for everyone to overcome.

The things that should be important are seen as weakness, and something to take advantage of and use. Laughter at others is a way to feel good about humiliating a decent person who tries to do right. All of these are signs of leaning towards the dark connection instead of the divine connection.

Yet people want to ignore patterns because they do not think in that fashion. Ignoring evil is very powerful and can help to prevent harm. Ignoring reality of society and underlying patterns that point to the truth is very common. Unless someone has experienced the attacks of evil the person just has mental problems and should be ignored. It explains why so many people need the medications of this day and age. A part of them knows the truth and the rest does not want to do anything but blame it on something needing to be medicated.

I am not against medication but I do feel we are using it in the wrong way.

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