Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happiness and Satisfaction in My Work

All of the following posts lead up to this one. I wanted others to realize that this is serious work, and not something that can be done in 10 minutes with the wave of a magic wand. It is like doing detective work. You have to figure out the who, what, why, when, and where to solve the puzzle. The energies have to be read, and you have to understand what you are doing to help others.

I really enjoy the job when I solve the puzzle and see a person become happy and healthy. I have not sounded like my normal cheerful self. The reason for this is the fact of two or three people treating me like my private life, experience and training mean nothing. I intend for this to be put into an article to show not everyone claiming to be a spirit removal expert, demon killer, and other specialties really know what they are doing. I am also doing these articles to show that the person being worked upon is sometimes the abuser not the victim when it comes to people who try to help them. It is part of the problem with what I do as no one knows what to expect except from the movies.

Not every one who complains about an exorcism not working is the victim as they have to work upon themselves also. They should see a psychiatrist and see if there is any physical reason for their problems. No one is taking the place of a doctor. No one can do anything but help you until the things you do, and feel that evil is attached to are reduced to the point where the problem can be removed.

Post Traumatic Stress is a problem as this is so out of the realm of most experiences that it is more traumatic. Self-worth issues also happen and many other feelings the person has to work upon so it is not a quick fix.

Victims who make an agreement with these forces and like some of the things they can do are impossible to help until they work themselves out of denial, rationalization, and their issues. So they can claim multiple people do not know what they are doing when it is the fact that they want to be fixed their way and with out any work upon their issues.

So what is the solution to this? The only one I have found is many of these people will not pay money or say how broke they are. If they call me a psychic, and want a reading then when I quote a price they say how broke they are then they will not get worked on by me. I will pray for them to find someone who fits what they want to help them.

My solution for issues is to learn as much as I can of many different disciplines where I am an eternal student just to be sure I can do my work properly. I am a professional and this is a great deal of work.

I want people to realize this is not something easy nor is it making it so the people have beliefs which are wrong. It is serious issues in a persons life and nothing to be made light of or taken lightly.

I am like having a doctor on retainer and do work every day to help others. The rewards are worth it.

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