Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exorcists-Facts instead of Opinions Part 2

The next part of this should be about some of the people who claim to be spirit releasement experts, and experts in general. The main information about how to exorcise a spirit comes from the Catholic, and Orthodox churches. They are what is available to everyone. Unless you are a priest I do not advise using this method unless it is a personal exorcism done upon yourself.

I have had many years finding methods that work and developing how the energies work upon empirical data from all my cases. Yet I have been told about people who say they can kill and destroy demons. Demons can not physically exist in this world so the only thing destroyed is the host and the way demons enter this plane.

Next I hear about demon hunters. I find this down right silly because demons are hunting us as we are the prey. It is like going out to find a grizzly bear that is a man eater. If the divine wanted them destroyed it would happen. I also have seen people treat these energies as a joke and helped them heal themselves afterwards.

I have heard plenty of people brag and claim power. I do know they do not get the results. A few warning signs. If the person can not summon the demon into a triangle from outside of the house they can not control it inside of the house. A five hour ritual with fancy robes is downright silly as it gives the energies a chance to disrupt everything and have the people doing the ritual make mistakes.

If they know only one method and tell you it is gone when you feel it crawling on you do not listen to them. Many people take multiple exorcisms with different forces and methods for it to work. I always ask for a photograph instead of a phone call. The reason for this is that most of the people who insist on a phone call abuse their privileges and call me up night and day. It also makes it so the demon tries to work on me through the phone, and the person is focused on only one thing. That their viewpoint is correct even with it not working for the x amount of years they have had problems.

A photograph is the best assessment tool. No one can do an exorcism over a phone. I have heard that one also. The reason for this is everything vibrates and is energy. The phone itself can have energy disrupted by the energies of evil. Evil can use technology against you when you do any healing over the phone.

It can not disrupt the energies of a photograph. Next is the person possessed or obsessed has to travel to the Exorcist. This makes it so when they go back home it is to the same place where the demon has existed. It has not changed and like a virus the person becomes infected again. The exorcist has to travel to where the person is or the person has to follow instructions to clear the living space of energies if the exorcism is being done energetically at a distance.

Not clearing the living space, and not following instructions allow for the most failures. The person has to do the instructions and learn to help themselves to make sure it is not a problem that occurs again. It is not the exorcists fault if the spirit is still there because they did not put the demon there in the first place. They either did not do the right method or they did not have the person work upon themselves first to be at the moment in their life when they could cut the demon loose from any negative incidents of the past. Forgiveness is crucial in this. You have to get rid of the resentments at yourself, the divine and whatever energies most people want to blame instead of looking at it objectively. I have had people blame other people and be mad at them for years. They find out what happened to the person and realized everything they were shown by the energies were lies. Demons are masters of lies and illusions. Exorcisms have to be timed right and if the person is not ready then it will not work.

I have had clients lie and dramatize things just to get me out there to clear it from them. I have to do hardcore work upon them and make them learn. It is easier when they do the work upon themselves to clear the issues. Things that help remove these negative moments are quite a few. The person can not rationalize and it has to be done before they are pushed to the point of oppression where they do not know what is real or illusion. I have to be sure of this BEFORE I go anywhere. Another reason for a photograph is the soul can not lie and those energies are in a photograph.

I have already mentioned problem people and the patterns of thought that go in circles which must be changed. The client arguing with me means they will never be ready. I can not clear anyone who the moment their opinion is challenged where they have to heal says "The demon is affecting you this works. I know because I am the person affected. It means the demon and person are working together to retain control. A person like this is a danger to the exorcist and everyone else they are around at the time. I have never had a person whose method worked call me up and need me.

So there are exorcists out there who do say things just to get people to pay them yet the victims and exorcist form a pattern also. The pattern continues with the manipulation and control issues happening to keep problems occurring in the persons life.A client who does this is not ready until they do not manipulate, lie or use excuses. No one should exorcise or help them until they are past this point of obsession and oppression. The client wants to blame everything but themselves yet the pattern of abuse comes into play because they feel they can do this to the exorcist. The reason for this is so many people want to believe there is no evil, devil or demons. It makes it so a person who does exorcisms can be slandered. All of these energies of lies, slander, and manipulation are under the control of demons so any client doing these things to the exorcist is not ready to be healed.

Demonologists are people who know about demons. What they are and how they work in this plane. It is still a field where people are learning new methods. Exorcists and anyone working with these energies will find that the energies have changed. New methods have to be found and shared. I plan to do this in my next book. Every one of these experts must be on their toes. Clients try to match energies, and connect mentally. Everything has to be protected including the computer, phone, and letters.

I would love to do classes to help people learn how to help themselves, and remove the blockages to their divine connections and abundance. It would be an eye opener to many people how the reactions and negative energies are present in this world.

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