Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Awakening, Patterns and the Dance of Change

The next thing that should be taught about exorcists is that they work upon awakening the energies and the spiritual nature of the victim of evil. So the last two posts outline the problem nature of healing others. Most healers work with physical ailments. They do not work with mental ailments or removing evil. I have already stated the reason for this as it lowers the vibrations and evil always tries to block the divine energies.

An exorcist is nothing with out the Divine Energies of God or the Creator of Love. Mankind has two ways to connect either with the negative or positive. People who connect to the negative are the ones who want to do this type of energy such as Satanists or Luciferians. It is their nature as much as it is the nature of wanting to join the divine energies.

Each of us by the choices in our lives picks the effects. The people who are harmed by demons have their choices limited to bad and worst than bad. The divine channel is blocked and they are disconnected from the divine. Raising the vibrations help with the divine energies communicating with the person and helps defeat the evil.

Yet when a person is afflicted with a demon they do things they do not realize they are doing. The demon is the one in control of the pattern so their perceptions are altered. It is why the Catholic Church mentioned that many cases of schizophrenia are cases of demon possession. It means that you can work upon a person and nothing will change because they are stuck reliving their own personal moments of abuse, trauma, and pain over and over again until the demon is gone.

The demon tries to trap the exorcist into doubt, and lack of faith. The reason for this is having doubt and lack of faith cuts off some of the divine connections. Frustration and anger are also emotions that demons use against exorcists. Clients being hurt, or just acting badly is what demons use against the exorcist and to keep the person trapped in the patterns.

An example of this spotlights how demons are different from the descriptions of the past. The new improved demons have multiple parts and are like being attacked by a swarm of flies or cockroaches. The movies show a demon named legion and that is an example of a multiple part demon.

The demon with in the person is multiple parts so exorcising a demon by its name is difficult to do. Another part of the whole replaces the exorcised demon and uses another name. Demons have evil as their nature and evolve to make chaos and evil. It is their purpose. They can not evolve to be good as that is not their nature.

The exorcism ceremony is just the ending of a dance of change. The exorcist prays and has faith in the divine. The victims of the demon that are under its control tries to make the exorcist upset and cause chaos. Many times the person who is under the demons control plays and manipulates the situation where the demon is in control while claiming the whole time to not want it around them. Some people meld so perfectly with a demon that they do not want anyone to get rid of the evil.

The patterns are like a giant strategy game. Every move made has a counter move which if one wins the divine connection opens to the divine. If the other wins then the connection opens up to chaos and demons. It is heart breaking to get a client up to where the divine can enter their lives and have them go into a negative cycle. Persistence is the only way to keep things going in a positive fashion.

God did not do this to make people who become exorcists miserable. The problems happen not because of the exorcist or the work not being effective. It is to test the resolve of the people who make the choices that got them into the pattern of possession, obsession, and oppression. Yet one of the major flaws of mankind is not wanting to be wrong. So the person suffering through this will want to find someone else to blame so rationalizes so others are blamed for the problems. Many times demons get so called experts to cause problems where it can get the victim and the healer at the same time. I have seen this happen a number of times.

The key to awaken someone is to bring up what made them go into this cycle. Ego is a big one where the person had to feel special, wishing themselves dead is another one, feeling that God is not all powerful and let them down is another. The list can go on as long as their are people. Yet truth and forgiveness can put divine order into chaos and evil. It structures them and if love is added then it can break the pattern of evil.

Yet the main thing is the person awakening to their patterns. I have had a few people who are so controlled by the demon that you can point out the patterns. They listen and understand then forget everything and go right into the same old patterns. The most vicious of these is the way demons will pass energies through people so it looks like they are doing the harm.

Demons will keep the person trapped in the cycles of anger, hatred, rage, and other emotions with out thinking of anything else. So the person needs to be helped to the point of changing and being able to mentally change. I mentioned EFT and Reiki helps. Yet the main thing is for the person to quit isolating themselves. Demons want the victims isolated. It can make the victims depressed and lack confidence.

Friendships do not work, and people are affected in many ways. Once the person gets to the point of an exorcism the difference after the exorcism is amazing. I believe the most powerful combination would be a psychiatrist and exorcist working on the person at the same time.

Yet the main thing to remember is that all of this is a strategy game of movements. The victim is the real winner.

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