Sunday, October 12, 2008

Psychic Warfare

I also want to mention what psychic warfare is and how it affects a persons life. It could be called spiritual warfare also. People watch TV and think spells are simple to throw on others and do not realize the damage they can cause. Most people are just victims of someone constantly wishing them ill and not doing magic. People do this when they hate another person. They think each day of something bad happening to them and focusing on them.

They become enraged until something does happen and it makes them really angry if the person is ever happy. This is not psychic warfare although it can sure feel like it. It is more of an energy vampire situation where the person is determined to insert bad energies for everything good that could happen. They suck the good out of the persons life for one reason or another and the person is left drained. This is common compared to someone magically hurting someone.

I always say anyone who does magic will run across an envious, jealous person who will act bad. The reason for this is magic has a tendency to attract people who want to be powerful, controlling and structure their world. People who can not control their ego and are argumentative about how great they are in magic.

Many of these people are closet narcissists and structuring their world means everyone around them. Ego and being a narcissist is a dangerous combination. You can blame everything on everyone else and feel it is right to do anything that you want to do. Almost every magician I know of that has harmed others is this combination.

The student of magic or person who just does not realize what is happening is a ready made victim. You act the way this person wants or they will do things to force you to be what they want you to be. The student is honest and works hard then when they surpass the person with the ego problems it turns bad. Nothing is better than the egotistical narcissist and they get cursed by someone who will work nonstop to cause them problems.

The narcissist will feel they have been cursed back because most people that protect themselves find out that the energies still bring about reactions for the people who curse others. The narcissist acts nonstop to prove to himself in his own little world how great he is in magic. They never stop and will send spirits that harm others also. The narcissist feels they are the victim because the inferior person should have the courtesy to be destroyed and die. It is easier on the nerves if you just punch them out and less karma than cursing another.

Other people who engage in psychic warfare normally use simple spells. They are jilted lovers, upset co-workers, family members and others who want what the other person has in life. They can cause problems but nothing like a magician whose focus has been to force, manipulate and make people do what they want them to do.

Psychic warfare comes in different levels. The simplest level involves sympathetic magic and is easier to undo. The Egotistical narcissist will be at the top level since they will use any sort of spirit necessary to cause what harm they want to the person.

The interesting thing is most of these people never quit. The spells they do will not work and they do more. People are protected where a spell can not be reversed because they have not harmed anyone. The person cursing them will then work harder to harm them because they are not getting to watch them suffer. Many of the people suffering from psychic warfare are suffering from their own work in magic because they do not know what a spell that has been reversed feels like. Anyone who does any sort of magic which can be reversed is not only stupid but they never seem to learn how to undo their own magic.

Once you have seen energies that have been reversed then you know what they look like and feel like. It makes it easy for me to know who did magic. If I see those energies around a person I will not take their case as any energies that can be reversed means that they were harmful.

The key things to look for are people that have done the following things.
A. Say they will curse you.
B. Are jealous of you and leave strange dusts, powders or oils around your space.
C. People who have threatened you and then give you food-do not eat it even as a peace offering. It is one of the most common ways to feed someone curse materials.
D. Strange gifts or gifts that when given make you feel weird.

Those are just the easiest ones to watch yet a person who does not act normally and makes you feel wrong do not accept any treatment or anything of any type from them. It is better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances.

Magicians when asked about psychic warfare will say the person is paranoid. I know there is some truth to this as some people react to others being magicians. They think they could hex me they know magic. If their life is not the best they blame the magician for everything that happens. They had the exact same level of luck before but it is person XYZ cursing them.

If you do try to help others or have a person for no reason accuse you of something you did not do magically. Realize they will try to curse you. Tell them once you do not do anything like that to anyone. If they accuse you twice be more firm. A third time and get rid of them as a friend as they are going to be more trouble than they are worth. You can do absolutely nothing and be blamed for everything from world hunger to their losing their job through being a jerk.

It is why most people do not say anything about their spiritual practices. Yet there are real cases of people who do curse, hex and send demons at others. It is knowing the difference. I suggest that anyone with a talent or ability learn how to shield. They should know the basics of what to look for when someone is doing magic upon them. They should learn how to undo any magic that they do. They should keep a diary, and compare notes when they notice a positive or negative difference.

I know most people do not believe they have been cursed until things get really bad. Yet a few simple precautions should prevent problems. It should also prevent the problem people who cause the troubles by being paranoid, jealous, resentful, envious, manipulative and everything else that causes someone to believe they have a right to harm others.

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