Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Intense Few Days

I started trying to diversify and make some extra money doing a few things to make my website pay. I took a social networking course and found that I enjoy talking to and meeting the people. It does not make me good at marketing. I did love having a place to try to just work with bringing abundance to others with out the normal problems I deal with on my website.

It means to me that I may diversify more in the future not in marketing but for what I can do to help others. I will start to spotlight more articles from different places that might also show people different ways to deal with problems. I have seen there are a great many people with good ideas also and will probably be putting together a network myself with a variety of methods and groups to give people ideas.

I also mentioned in one group that part of the work anyone does who is trying to work on themselves should be helping others. I like to send loving kindness energy to people in the Wal-mart near where I live. It is one of the few stores in the area and everyone always looks so stressed out.

I have seen many groups worried about the planet and the environment. Yet the place to start curing the planet and environment is your own spot on this Earth. The rest just will spread over time as more people work on helping themselves and the environment.

The same is true spiritually. It is easy to evolve and focus on spirituality when you do not have to live in the world. The world today blocks spirituality in many ways. Yet if more people did things in such a way to open people up to themselves and their spirit the world would also change a person at a time.

It is what I try to do clearing land, clearing homes and people. Open the world up to good and let it shine with divine light on everyone. I challenge everyone who reads this to try to help kindness, and goodness shine its divine sparks on this world. It all starts with us.

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