Saturday, September 20, 2008

Power of the Divine

Today I had brought home to me how we can cut ourselves off from the divine. The divine is all around us yet how many of us know how to connect to it. People with problems can work nonstop and not reach past the energetic shield that evil seems to place around them.

I have had moments of being discouraged because I did not know how to bring the divine into someones life. The giant street sweeper weapon against evil is divine love and being able to have angels hear you. Worry, anger, hatred, talking to evil and variations upon this theme is what keeps that energy up there.

Yet evil tries to make this world look evil to God also. It is its purpose so it can do what it wants in violation of our free will. I read a beautiful article today about the soul of God. That there were divine laws that proved God had a soul.

The nice thing about this article is not only did it give the laws and the viewpoints of how this proved the divine. It had a beautiful poem in it.

I Am
I Am The Fire within you...The Spark of Life.
I Am That Which Sustains.
I Am The Source Divine.
I Am immanent and pervasive within all.
I include all.
I Am You inspiring, aspiring, and being.
I Am beyond you, transcendent and cosmic.
I reveal myself progressively and cyclically as you are ready.
I Am The Answer to all problems and questions.
I Am All That.
I Am Here Now.

This is very true that connecting to the divine is progressive. The more you connect the easier it is and goes in cycles. The cycles happen because you have loaded up the energies around you with divine energy. You make the divine spark in everything in that area glow so God sees you like a solar flare.

So no matter how hopeless it is for people who feel they are block and nothing is happening while they try to break out of the problems that brought them to me. It is not hopeless and one day the divine energies will break through and it will be like they came out from under a cloud.

The world will look different. It will be better and they will realize that the divine has always been there for them.

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