Monday, September 29, 2008

Exorcists, Facts instead of Opinions

I have been dealing with people having opinions for years about what I do to help others. Most of them are not very flattering. It is happening again to others. Psychics are this and that when a few years ago it used to be mediums. People saying true healers do not charge while expecting to be paid on their regular jobs. Clients that have paid or even not paid fees that your life is their life. You do not get to live your life unless you pay nonstop attention to them. Clients who you try to empower so they do not need to pay anyone but can live life the same as everyone else. I have had people claim that because they did something that they cured themselves and I did nothing.

I thought that maybe most people just do not understand where most people in my specialty are coming from and why things are the way they are. So I felt I would do a few blog posts and work the posts into an article on my website.

The first complaint is that real healers do not charge money. Healers first started as working upon people in a village or community of villages. The community supported the healers. It was like tithing to a church. It was good energy to make it so the healer had a home, food on the table, a horse to get to cases. Today everyone has stuck with the opinion that does not want to pay someone to help them with their life. Psychiatrists get paid. Doctors get paid. They are paid whether the patient heals or dies. They are healers.

I am a professional. I am an expert on these problems. Money is an energy and I know that I am a fair person who does her best work. I have the same problems with my clients that the other healers do. Doctors fail because the patient does not follow instructions, tries to control the situation and really just plain laziness on the patients part. Psychiatrists have the same issues I do that the patient needs to work on themselves. Yet the patient wants a magic wand waved over them so they do nothing except emote about their lives. It does not work. Yet listen to a patient that was ordered by the court to attend sessions with a psychiatrist scream when the psychiatrist reports them when they do not attend sessions. Patient confidentiality even when the client acts badly and complains to everyone that the doctor is not supposed to report what happened it is their privacy. If a doctor has to have you there a certain number of times why should he break the law or get in trouble because of the patient?

I have had clients do illegal things, and also do dishonest things that could get me in trouble. In one instance I had to show proof of what happened as the person stopped a check after writing me that I was a psychic and they did not pay psychics even when the treatment worked. I was supposed to not say a word of why they saw me while they accused me of forging checks to get money from their account. This was after bouncing a check to me. They had complained so much about everyone else that no one cared what they said anyway including the bank.

Psychics and other slams are next. I have studied spiritual methods for 37 years along with helping others. Yet I can not count the times I am called a psychic like that is nothing and the person says how do I know you are real. I can not see if you do anything or not. No respect for training, experience, or calling me by my proper name. Psychiatrists make a great deal more money than I do and no one can see anything they do either.

Yet the Psychiatrist is a trained professional also who does their best to break the person out of the negative life choices and patterns of behavior. Psychiatrists replaced shamans and healers in villages because of being scientific. Yet it is the same job. Yet they can not do the energy work or connect the spiritual to the mind and body to heal what one method alone will not cure.

Many people do not believe in demons or have to call them by other names. Yet the victims who many times have never studied magic or been religious have to deal with something they did not believe in or want. Yet in one instance recently I saw a person insult the person with problems who was suicidal and then call a person trying to help them a predator because they charged money.

I know most of my clients have seen psychiatrists and doctors yet others feel duty bound to judge and make their life more miserable than what it already is about. The reason for this is fear. People do not want to believe in these energies. Very few people will do the sort of work I do because it is dangerous.

Most exorcists, Spirit releasement specialists, energy clearing or by what ever names they call themselves do not have easy lives. Others want to judge that as not being right with God. Yet they ignore the fact that all of us have been noticed by demons for helping others. It is like a psychiatrist that takes only violent patients and has problems with them trying to hurt him. They work upon others that have problems they can manipulate and control. They stalk the psychiatrist and work upon everything in their peripheral life until they are put where they can not do that to others.

Demons do this and have to be put where they can not hurt anyone also. It is dangerous work and most people that have talents will not do this sort of work. The reason for this is demons work to ruin lives and cut people off from the divine. I know with that sort of danger that you would think that people would pay money, be nice, and be grateful for all of the expertise and hard work. Many are that way and I thank them by doing a good job.

Instead some of these people are predators of the healer. They are psychic vampires who drain the healer dry. People who take their past out on others and manipulate and lie to get services for free. Controlling narcissists who love only themselves. They have the script written and the healer better follow it or they do something so nasty to be in control that it is horrifying.

I try to be kind and nice but to these sorts of people I have sucker, and low self-esteem written all over me. It is the same with everyone else I have talked to who does this sort of work. The nice people I do have make up for it yet the obnoxious people make it so many healers will not do this because of them more than the demons.

I have talked about demons and angels on this blog and feel you should read the articles. Yet the main thing is demons can not exist in this world with out using the ambient energy and molecules of this dimension. They have to inhabit a living being of this dimension to exist. The legends and myths say how many of them are defeated. Mankind has a divine channel where it can reach to the divine or to evil and chaos.

I know some people are problems to deal with because of their connection and nature being changed towards evil. The changes are dramatic when they come out from under the cloud of negativity that is harming them. I will talk more about this in the next post. Yet if you look at the world today how can we say there are no demons?

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