Friday, September 5, 2008

My Birthday and My Gift to Myself -talking about my life problem

Hello Everyone
Today is my birthday and I am giving myself the gift of talking about myself and my spiritual problem. I wear myself out helping others, and do not charge much as a consultation fee. I have had quite a few people tell me everyone else they contacted wanted to start with $1500.00 or more to do any work at all. I charge $50.00 to start and ask for a donation upon results.

Yet the first thing I hear from people who consider themselves knowledgeable in magic is that I have no ethics and am a predator. I have had three people lie about me and when I offer proof everyone acts like Oh well and no apologies for what was said to me. Like it is Ok to abuse me.

I used to cry about it and ask why God wanted me to do this to help others. I realize that most of these people have their own perceptions and in their ego led life they are feeling that they can judge others and never listen to any thing they do not want to hear. I am tired of being poor because I try to do work for others who can not afford it. Yet I do not know any other way to help them with their problems. I also know these same people would scream bloody murder and raise fits if they did not get paid for the work they do. Yet they judge me nonstop with a double standard which is what they are about in their life.

I have self-help plans where people can do things for themselves for a reasonable price. Yet none of these things seem to work. Charging has gotten rid of a great many of the liars and abusive people. I do not care if I am popular as much as I can do the work, and help the people who are not lying about their income problems.

The real clincher recently was someone asking me why I was not voting for Barack Obama. My reason as a Reverend in an Interfaith church, and a spiritual person was because he ditched his friend, mentor, and spiritual adviser of 20 years the moment it became known what he preached in his church. Obama attended this church for 20 years so had to agree with the pastor.

It was about black rights and done in the style of the 70's. The teachings of Louis Farrakhan and other things that showed hate. Yet none of the people objected to the teaching of hate whites. Obama is half white but he must hate that side of himself to listen to those teachings. I do not hate any of the races that make me up as imperfect as they might be.

I was a victim of these preachings in the 70's and do not feel a president should be a member and accept spiritually the advice of hate. It is bad enough that our society is making it so you are not human if you are poor, ill, or a minority. It causes resentment and anger which goes into hate. Yet the person running our country should be fair to everyone including his own Grandparents that he calls the white folks. Including having the woman who influences him the most, his wife, not be someone who shows how anti-white they are in public.

Anyone who gets rid of a spiritual adviser after 20 years just to look politically correct would be willing to lie, and do things just to get elected. This is not unusual but it will not be good for any race if the hate is fanned to a flame by the opinions of the president.

I stated all of this, and was told I had no ethics, faulty logic, and was abused and put down by an Obama supporter. I was prejudiced. I have wondered when it has happened that issues can not be discussed about a potential president with out a person being prejudiced. Look at my photograph and see all the races in me how can I be prejudiced?

Anyway my message today is stop the abuse. All of you who read this realize that when someone disagrees with you it is not a personal assault. It is a way of how they feel and if you did not want to know you should not ask. Stop the abuse of judging others, and saying they are playing into the peoples mental problems when it comes to spiritual problems. 90% of the people I get as clients see psychiatrists who can not heal what is wrong. Yet addressing the problems both ways with healing the spiritual seems to get results.

Stop the abuse of treating others badly because they are not what you want them to be. Try to look at it from someone else's perspective and respect them as a person. If you have to be abusive or nasty then you have lost the perspective of a discussion and just are a bully. You are trying to prove your superiority and that you are special. We all leave this world in the same way and no one is special except in the mind of God. The rest of us are here to learn how to unite with the divine and experience life.

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