Monday, September 29, 2008

Reiki Attunements and EFT as aids

I have been trying a few aids to help others so that they did not have the problems with negativity. Two useful tools have been reiki attunements and EFT. The EFT tapping system works really well with my energy work on clearing out the energies from past traumas, and memories. I have used a method which involves removing the access points by undoing the knots in the energy weave. The access points are always bad memories.

The EFT is also good for the post traumatic stress that always results from trauma. Most people who have been obsessed or possessed by evil develop this syndrome. EFT seems to be very good at releasing those energies so they can be processed by the person and removed.

The Reiki attunements are good because they raise the vibration level to a more divine level. Demons or Negative spirits always lower the vibration level. They make it so a person is depressed and upset where it is impossible to stay at a higher vibration. They can drive the person to drink or drugs.

Reiki Attunements raise the vibration level so it builds up a higher level connection that evil can not get through as easily. It stops some of the oppression that is occurring in the victims life. The main things that are noticed is that the moment the vibration level is raised people start talking to the victim, and being friendly. The treatment changes dramatically which makes the victim less isolated. The victim has to break out of their cycle to make it work but it is a big help.

Evil uses the patterns in our brains. The brain chatters to itself. The Buddhists call this the monkey mind but people who are oppressed by demons have their brain go in cycles of behavior. It is stimulated by different access points which lead right to negative experiences in the persons life.

I really call it being on the big hamster wheel of life. I used to love to watch hamsters run around on the wheels in their cages I thought they were so cute. Yet the victims do the same thing in their life and things have to be used to break them out of their patterns of thought.

People have more problems breaking out of these patterns and it keeps them in the same cycle. The spirit can be gone and they will not believe it and keep doing the same things like it is still there until they can believe it is gone.

I have many methods for breaking the patterns and EFT and Reiki are two I thought I would mention.

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