Monday, September 15, 2008

Thoughts of the Divine

I always state that with out the divine I can not do anything. I have heard much in magical groups about personal power, and how they are such a high level. Yet with out that divine spark with in them they would not be able to do anything.

I always think about the problems I have with some clients linking them to the divine. Every thing has to be done through their own belief system. It is the only way they will have faith and belief in what was done to help them.

Yet most of the people I help have problems with these thoughts and emotions

1. They seem to believe that the divine does nothing to stop evil. So they feel evil is more powerful than good. They might not consciously verbalize it but it is how they react.

2. They doubt everything. They are always double checking things to be sure they do not fall to pieces. I see this as a matter of control. No one has control over their life. You can only control how to act to others.

3. They all have fear and anxieties. I have to say on this one in many cases it is which came first the problem or the fear. The fear and anxieties spawn the rest of the problems and allows evil to manifest in their lives.

4. They all have normally suffered some sort of abuse and trauma. It also gives bad memories for evil to hook to and manifest the victims memories to create monsters.

5. They do not understand happiness and joy in life.

I know with todays society that many people will have troubles. No one can be positive all of the time but the ones who have the worse trouble are the people with these thought patterns. The challenge is getting them to change.

In poor countries the people may have things worse than the US. Yet here so many people act differently to adversity. I believe our reaction and how we compare ourselves to others is a big part of this. We are not entitled to have things go right even when we do everything right. What we are doing just might be wrong for us.

We are not entitled to life either. Yet we have that gift to experience. The joy of life while we are living it is our greatest gift of all.

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