Friday, July 11, 2008


Bindings are used to limit peoples actions. They are very handy but many people do not use them in a way that shows ethics. Magic is not about controlling others yet sometimes you have to limit people to prevent them from harming others or themselves.

Neutralizing a person so they can do no harm is not something that hurts most people. People do not normally do evil but fall into evil habits through their choices. A choice would be that you are very hurt and do a binding on someone so they have to love you and be nice to you. This is unethical as it is limiting that person to an emotion they do not feel. It is not nice to be forced to act in the way another person wants you to act.

An example of an ethical way to do bindings is to bind the force and the person who sent it that is harming a persons life. An example of this a mad co-worker decides he is taking the other persons job. He binds them to have a horrible life, make mistakes and to be fired. That is unethical. He could get rid of the person by other means that would not hurt anyone. Such as binding the person to have good luck, and to have a job he enjoys. If he is not enjoying work then he will leave and the other person can get that job.

Binding a boss or company to hire you is not ethical. So you can see a pattern here. You can bind them to see you as the employee that you will be when you work for them. If you do not get the job then you know that it was not for you. You can do something to make them see you as a great person to hire in other ways also. Binding can be forcing the person to act the way you want them to whether they want to or not. It is like mentally making them into a robot forced to make decisions. This is unethical and harmful to your energies.

Bindings are a gray area in magic. Interfering with someones free will is not good. Neither is their harming others so you have to make balance of the situation. It means that something that is harming someone is a no no. Limiting their work by making it so it is neutralized and they can not do magic that harms, hurts, or causes problems for people leaves them their free choice. They can do magic all day.

Binding them so they have to become a good person who acts just the way the person wants them too is bad. So the decision is to bind or not to bind. The best way is to bind the forces and neutralize the ones that harms others. Bind others to see you as the person you really are makes you ethical and truthful.

Bindings are something that needs to be done properly and there are many methods to do this. Yet anything you do to control, manipulate, or harm others with out any consideration of their free choice is something to avoid.

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