Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is Psi

Psi Unabridged (v 1.1) - –noun any purportedly psychic phenomenon, as psychokinesis,
telepathy, clairvoyance, or the like. (editor's note: psi is also the probabilistic wavefunction in
Quantum Mechanics usually denoted by the greek letter psi, y (Y)

This description if from a friends website magazine-

Marty Rosenblatt is a physicist that does research into time by using ARV. He specializes in stock market predictions and I hope you check out the magazine if you are interested. Yet he brings up a good point what will make psi functioning ho-hum.

I always enjoy the belief that everyone has psi abilities. Yet the only ho-hum I have seen about it in recent years is the way people talk about psychics. All psi functioning is not about who can fortune tell or most of the things psychics do. Many people use psi functioning for serious and beneficial purposes. The Connections through Time Magazine lists some of these people.

I always feel there is a spiritual plus physical reason for any mental illnesses. Physical illnesses are more complex at it involves family karma, the karma of where you live, and many more factors. Family karma could also be called family sin and involve all of the hereditary illnesses being cleared from a family by individuals carrying the gene removing it by their energies. DNA and other things done in today' science actually show the physical manifestation of a spiritual disharmony.

The energies work with each other and by this I mean the physical is also part of the makeup of everyone along with the mental, and spiritual. I enjoy seeing scientists testing and trying to measure these energies. I know in future years psi abilities will become ho-hum and people will be able to be permanently healed of many incurable illnesses clearing the karma and sin of all of us.

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