Monday, July 14, 2008

Fear and negative emotions

Fear brings energies to the side of the tree of life that is called the Qlippoth. So do most negative emotions such as hate, depression, pain, sorrow, and grief. The qlippoth is all glamor and illusion. It is the smoke and mirrors of life that hides what we are doing to ourselves.

We are doing this as a country at this moment. It then goes down the levels into the cities, town, and our lives. The country of the US at the moment has a mindset of fear. Banks are failing, no one is able to afford food and gasoline easily. People are losing jobs and one of the politicians had the nerve to say the American public was spoiled.

I had someone from outside of this country mention food riots in Milwaukee and I thought ridiculous yet here is a link to the news article that the national news services did not bring up at all.

I also received this in the mail from one of the International newspapers I read

An outpost has been taken over in Afghanistan and soldiers killed. The oils prices and everything else going up shows that the US is in the position where we are going to see more major changes. I believe the US Government itself needs my services as the fear and upset of this country leads us towards more negative changes. If they do not need spiritual healing nothing needs it.

How are we as a country in spiritual health? The people themselves are not perfect but our decisions and things happening according to the government being out for itself is going to put our country in the position of needing healing on every level.

The people themselves are having news hidden from them. Their suffering is lessened by others acting like they have nothing to complain about anyway. The people talking have more money and have never suffered a day over these problems. So the US will see changes that are negative until we get out of the national mindset of shock, dismay and depression.

Any government official who says Americans are spoiled, and not scared is ignorant of life. the suffering going on from people losing homes, banks collapsing, war happening, and transportation problems the politicians need to ask if during the depression people were spoiled? It was the last time this many problems with food, gasoline, homes, and banks happened to everyone.

Spiritual healing is needed. The way the consumers are being treated is usury and should be illegal. Our whole country needs some cleaning up of its infrastructure so it works for the people again not the politicians who hide and do PR on the problems, or the companies who are out for every dollar no matter what happens to anything else. The actual people and the spirit of the US is suffering under the present regime of the government.

I have concerns over whether the people running for office will do any better because they have to clean up the present mess.

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