Monday, July 21, 2008


All of my posts have mentioned negative conditions. All of them lead up to the one thing that can bring positive influences into someones life. That thing is change. Change is powerful as it can make bad turn to good. Resolve abuse, overcome blockages. It is a gift from the God the creator that we can use in our lives.

Our choices bring about change. It means that doing something different. Taking that class in school, doing something YOU want to do, and just relaxing can all bring about change in a persons life. People are always stuck in a routine, and wonder why nothing works. They just do the same thing trying to do everything right and get stuck in cycles and patterns. Change breaks us out of these moments in life.

My suggestion for people is to go out and do something nice for someone. Charity is great for this but volunteer for a food bank, help out in a mission, do something that is not for you but is a gift to someone else. Work for pet adoption organizations. The list of places that can use people just to help is amazing. You can do almost anything.

The energy from the charity and good choices will help you in your life to overcome blockages. The reason for this is it gives a sense of perspective to your life. We judge our lives by what we see others doing. A person who just goes home from work and watches TV will be very discouraged. Everything points at flaws, we are too fat, have to many problems and most of the messages are not positive. The commercials can make anyone depressed.

Someone who gets out and gets around different people helps the people and themselves. They feel good about what they are doing, and happy to be there. They see how others live and have a chance to get a different view about life.

They quit looking at their life in the same way. You never know who you will run into when you do this. A new friend, a soul mate, a person who inspires you. Break out of your life and do an act of loving kindness for someone else. You may be amazed at the results.

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