Monday, July 7, 2008

Faith in Yourself

I had someone mention this today and I had to think about it also. I have trusted others many times and had them let me down. This has happened with magical groups, friends, and clients. I always am upset over this but I have to realize that being a person who trusts and is kind to others is not bad. It is what other people do that is the problem.

Everyone has choices in their lives. One is to have faith that your friends and colleagues are telling the truth to you. One is to have faith that someone who says they are an expert really is an expert. I have been betrayed with these choices and I am sure everyone has problems with this also.

I work hard at my job. I try to do it right yet people who have certain types of problems always feel let down. The reasons for these problems are numerous but they all come under the same basic choices. They trust others who betray them, have been abused, have been lied to or manipulated, and they do not want to let go of these events. They prefer to stew over them and hope the person has something bad happen to them that they get to hear about and feel good that the divine finally got them.

The other type of people are the ones in denial. They expect someone to wave a magic wand and fix 12 years of bad choices in ten minutes. After all the curses upon them only took that long. They also deny what choices and things they did themselves. They either can not handle it or just feel that what they do is right and everyone else is wrong. No one does everything right and it will never happen that way. God is the only one who is perfect.

The reaction of all of these people is not to look at the problems left. It is to be mad because they have to change how they act. They do not want to do this so blame it on the person helping them. So it shows that I am not perfect either. The patterns of behavior block changes and leaves them trapped and attached to the very things they are so angry over. It is why forgiveness and removing negativity is so important.

Yet the one thing I have is faith in the divine. He always comes through even when you feel he forgets you. Magic not working always has a divine lesson behind it. You can help the person to a certain point but the rest is left up to the divine. So people should be asking instead why did the divine not help?

Most of the people I work with have no faith in themselves. They do not trust their choices because they have had things go so wrong. Most of them would make better choices if they had faith in themselves and looked at themselves as others see them. The person should then say do I really act this way and if they do not like themselves then work upon it.

The rest is about the experts. Ask for explanations if you do not understand it. Question a method if it is not you and ask for one that fits your nature. Be a part of the cure not just running through the same old reactions and actions. I know the only people I can really help are ones who start helping themselves. I encourage them and try to show them how to empower themselves. I feel so good when someone who has been a victim becomes a confident person able to help themselves. Yet do not trust me as being perfect- only God is that and I am not close to being God. Put your faith in God and that will make it so you know something perfect. Every one else ask questions and try to understand. You will then know what you will and will not do.

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