Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love spells and Why No One Should Use Them

Love spells are big sellers. Bring your husband back, make that lover obey, and make them love you. Try seeing how you feel about this list, Force you to obey, force you to go back somewhere you do not want to go, make you fall in love with the local person you hate.

They do not sound so calm and nice do they. Love spells are a violation of free choice. Any spell that forces anyone to do something that is against their free will is wrong. Most of the time they just plain do not work. Yet it is like placing a low grade curse on someone not the harmless spell that people want them to be.

I have seen 37 years of love spells results. The first exorcism I did was a woman who did love spells on someone and if they did not come to see her they would die. The person killed themselves. Another one was bring my husband back. He is with another woman and has left me. Again why would you want him back but the people who do bring them back normally have them abuse, and hurt them. On a certain level a person knows when a love spell happens to them.

Yet they are a popular reason to learn magic. The love spells I will do are called attraction spells. They attract a person to you that will be good for both of you. They bring your soul mate. They let others see how beautiful you are in your looks and mind. They do not force anyone to do anything. They just make opportunities for love to happen.

They bring the person who has been looking for you the whole time. I do not understand the power trip in bringing down the past boyfriends and girlfriends and having them under control. I also do not understand why someone would force someone else to date them or love them.

I am not inhuman. I have cared for others who have not cared for me. I have had love spells tossed upon me. The silly people -like I would not notice. I have experienced bad relationships, overcoming obstacles in a relationship. Yet I would never force the person to stay with me.

It is just wrong.

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